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Jul 28, 2003
just curious about that.. do u play football..?in what position..?

let me start.. most of the time I play as a forward.. not a striker though.. I usually score by heading and free kicks.. I hate playing alone upfront.. :(

sometimes I play as a CB.. very odd.. !! but I'm actually good in this position.. :cool:

what about you guys..?

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Jun 9, 2003
I used to be a goalkeeper before my injury. I was fantastic when I was younger and playing in Sweden, but when I came back to Bosnia I didnt play for nearly 4 years, and when I started playin in a club again, I was pretty rusty. I would make fantastic saves from time to time, something no keeper in the club could pull, but in the next attack I would **** up big time. Just when I was starting to get into form again, I injured my left ankle and had to pause for nearly 5 months. Never went back again.

Another promising career goes down the drain... :down:


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Apr 21, 2003
I used to play for local clubs but then I just kept playing with mates, entering tournaments. From last December till today I have only played 4 times cos I injured myself in December (broke the cartilage in my right knee).

Unluckily my knee has not returned to it's perfect state and it hurts me when I run too much, but I sdtill got my technical ablilites :D

I play as forward or attacking midfielder.


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Apr 22, 2003
I play as a forward, but unfortunately i didn't start from an early age. Like most Australian kids, I dabbled in cricket and even a bit of basketball. It wasn't until about '97 that I started enjoying watching/playing soccer, and i wasn't that good at it, but i kept practising shooting against the wall outside my house, and before i knew it, i could take shots from any position, at any speed, with the ball at any height. I started playing for my high school team, and being as modest as i can, scored a fair few goals :D

At university, I've just been playing in some indoor footie competitions, and since it's a smaller 'field', i have more chances to take pot-shots, and again, with humility i can say that i have a decent scoring record :extatic:


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Apr 22, 2003
Like many people though, my 'career' was plagued by injury. I've broken my left ankle twice, right ankle once, and both my wrists while playing football. Now you're gonna ask "how the heck do you break your wrists playing football". Here's why: since i play as a forward, i tend to be one of the members of the team that takes a lot of rough treatment. To cut a long story short:

* wet pitch
* slide tackle
* awkward fall backwards
* impulsive reaction - land on wrists
* ouch


Dj Juve

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Jul 12, 2002
plagued by injury? i was so plagued ii hardly play for long periosd...

anyway, im a star keeper in my field ;) i was my state U-15 keeper once..but screwed up, and never made it futher...but the wierdess part is that i can play equally well as a striker..but coz my shins are so weak, so i cant play that position that well...i even scored straight from a corner :strong:


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Apr 22, 2003
I think we've already talked about this, and we came to an agreement that i could score against both of you with my eyes closed and my feet tied around my neck.

++ [ originally posted by GOAT ] ++
No, the >>>>>>>>>>>>> means "waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better" stupid :rolleyes:
Ever wonder why u fail maths tests? :p

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