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It ain't hard to tell
Aug 22, 2007
Italy's drink driving limit is tough.

Italy has a strict drink-drive limit of 0.5mg of blood alcohol. This means that you cannot drink more than one glass of wine without risking going over the limit. Penalties for being caught above this limit can be fines, vehicle confiscation, license bans and imprisonment.


Jun 7, 2003
cheeers bro


really good movement from pires there, the finish from trezeguet was the icing on the cake.
i was very dissepointed back then because i also wanted to see del piero win that trophy but to be honest he was not in form and missed two fucking great oppurtunities and then giving the nr10 to the cunt totti. also toldo had a great tournament, was a big fan before he decided to go to fucking inter

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