[CL] Valencia CF 0-2 JUVENTUS [September 19th, 2018] (1 Viewer)


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wannabe Bart Simpson
Mar 28, 2006

This was one of the most confident and flowing performances I have seen from Juve in a group stage game.

Usually we would struggle so early in the season against such teams and grind a win.

Yesterday we looked so confident. I saw that arrogance and self-entitlement I used to see in the games of real and Barcelona. The score could be 0-3 before the red card. And even after it, I never felt threatened or in danger. We always seem to be in control. The signing of Ronaldo has had a huge influence to our players mentally wise.

The fact that Valencia was clueless doesn't offer too much of a chance for judgement of course. But I loved what I saw so far.

Juventus 1897

Junior Member
Apr 4, 2013
Huge performance for our team, great tactical game by our boys, extremely mature and everything controlled by calmness and confidence, we absolutely dominated Valencia in the first half and we could trash them if there was a good refereeing, Valencia barely had chances, basically their best chance was the penalty in 90+6 min another gift given by Brych, we won away against a good opponent playing in 10 men for almost 70 mins, great, hopefully we continue this way.


Dec 16, 2003
The most hilarious part of all this is when the lines-man called the ref and was CONVINCED that Cristiano did commit a deserving red card, the ref then again was like are you sure and the lines-man was so convinced that we were all going to fall for it in a second.

That said, apart from the red card, Khedira should never start seriously, keep Pjanic and Emre that will do enough and unleash the strike force that we have.


Jul 15, 2002
Things that need improving:
  1. We wasted so many chances but it's still early in the season and hopefully sharpness will improve.
  2. Pjanic lost a lot of balls that could have turned out ugly if it wasn't Valencia.
  3. Cancelo did this rush to defender thing twice and was beaten so easily.

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