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Aug 23, 2004
CAPELLO OUT.. with this coach we are gonna be the shame of europe.

The only positive thing in this match were the fans. it was so emotional as they started to sing the Del piero song.

I hope that every single one of you have finaly realised what is going on.. to everyone who say´s that dp is too old to start often, to everyone who say that DP is too slow.. I can tell you only one thing:

DP is still the best of juve, the best and the most important player we have.. DP is the soul of juve, the head of this team. without DP there is no nice moves not motivation. we did not score any goal since the injuiry of DP.. thank you Cappelol for the elimination of the CL..

it is all said. but once again: Capello out..

forza capitano forza DP..forza juve


Aug 13, 2004
Juve_25 said:
Positives things of this match:

1) Buffon proved he is the best goalkeeper in the world.
2) Capello proved (again) that he isn't going anywhere with those stupid tactics. (we need a new coach)
3) Ibrahimovic proved he is hated by all juve fans (at least the 67,000 persons that where today at Delle Alpi).
4) Del Piero proved he is beloved by all juve fans.
5) Del Piero proved he is needed in the field always (not only the last 30 minutes of the game when he gives the spirit to the team, but always!).

The problem is that if Ibrahimovic plays one or 2 good games in the future ,everybody will start to blab about him and Ibrakadabra maestro shits...


the cronopio
Dec 11, 2005
Gianluigi said:
Did you watch the game?
We played bad
we need a new play style and with Capello as our coach we will play ONLY with 4-4-2
We want to win the CL, now has been passed 10 years without win a CL
capello is good like a "home coach"
but we want a CL


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Dec 18, 2005
i dont no how anyone could consider him a great tactician with his comments about kovac in mind. the longball strategy was his decision! every big game we have played we have resorted to the longball and each time we have failed. take a fucking hint capello! frustrating, i dont understand the logic behind it.


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Jun 3, 2004
i don't think that Capello told the players before the game to play with these desperate long balls..there was just no other way..who was able to create anything tonight..Gianicheda?let's laugh...Emerson?no chance...this team simply lacks creative midfielders.......


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Feb 8, 2006
Here r the skysports ratings 4 our fallen soldiers -

Gianluigi Buffon
Gianluca Zambrotta
Robert Kovac
Fabio Cannavaro
Giorgio Chiellini
Giuliano Giannichedda
Pavel Nedved
Adrian Mutu
David Trezeguet
Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Federico Balzaretti
(Sub) 5
Marcelo Zalayeta
(Sub) 5

I cant say I disagree with these ratings. Gigi has been the highest rated player by skysports for 3 of the 4 games he's played in the CL


Jun 7, 2004
Finally, we have all come to an agreement!!!
thats imressive the juventuz forum is united,
there are no duels,
no personal insults,
a new era arised!!
I have nothing to add everybody is repeating what some of us were saying for months...


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Jan 3, 2006
giovanotti said:
The problem is that if Ibrahimovic plays one or 2 good games in the future ,everybody will start to blab about him and Ibrakadabra maestro shits...
I don't think so. Maybe if he plays like 5 on-a-role matches great, and prove how good he can be. If not...:disagree:


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Jul 14, 2002
People are talking about Riquelme, Joaquin and a lot of other potential signings but my honest opinion is that no player can make a difference at Juve unless Capello changes his tactics. Our slow, motonous, predictable style of play is down to Capello, not the players, and if we sign Joaquin and Cap tells the boys to play long balls we're still going to lose. We need a managerial change more than anything else.

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