[CL] Juventus 2-1 Ferencváros [November 24th, 2020] (1 Viewer)


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Apr 17, 2019
I know some very fit people who are struggling with the after effects of COVID, Dybala looks like he needs more time to recover and I hope he does.


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Mar 16, 2013
I know some very fit people who are struggling with the after effects of COVID, Dybala looks like he needs more time to recover and I hope he does.
Come on now, that's BS. Dybala scored 4 goals in 4 games after the covid break.
I doubt he was fine then and is suffering now.
His problems look more due to his mental state of being and his overall fitness.


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May 11, 2005
He did not seem to be struggling when Seria returned in June. Actually he was our most inform player after his covid illness along cr7
I think it is clear he has some sort of medical issue. Enough people have been saying it between Juve and the Argentina national team. I do think he has lost his confidence which has affected him too though.

He's always taken a few games to get going after an injury and he really doesn't have many minutes yet. Normally his performances when coming back don't get as much scrutiny because the team is performing but he has found himself with nowhere to hide due to our performances which has maybe not helped his confidence.
Feb 12, 2006
Capello roasted Juve
Given he had on paper one of the strongest Juve squads in recent memories and still got shat on in europe... capello can go fuck himself.

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What a poor showing.
I havent even picked up a MOTM since I dont think there is one worthy enough for being called that.
Ronaldo scored a good goal but also failed to beat their GK one on one.
Morata - He got very lucky with his header as he pointed it to the middle and the GK screwed up.
Cuadrado - He was poor for the entire game but then gave a great cross to Morata

Mckennie - Should be sent back to Schalke - he looses more balls than he recovers and Im aware of the fact he does recover balls...
Bentancur - I wouldnt say he was bad but he is nowhere near last season`s form.

Chiesa played nice but he didnt affect the game too much

Dybala - Is he going to get fully fit anytime soon? He was bad today.

Overall I think this was one of our worst games this season (good news we won..)

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I dont know about Allegri but I do think you are right regarding Pirlo.
I saw on Calciomercato that Gattuso was being lined up although its C.M so its probably someones pure imagination..

If we fire him midseason I think we dont have many options but Poch Allegri or some interim coach to take over - This is why I believe Pirlo will only be sacked in the end of the season and then we have more options like Gasperini and Gattusso.
Hiring gattuso? Lol fuck that cretin, ill take my chances with Pirlo still.


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Mar 6, 2007
Pirlo 5

Sir Chesny 5.5
Cuadrado 6
Danilo 5
De Ligt 6
Alex Sandro 5.5
McKennie 5
Arthur 5.5
Bentancur 5.5
Bernardeschi 5.5
Dybala 5
Ronaldo 6

Morata 6.5
Chiesa 5.5
Kulusevski 5.5
Rabiot, Ramsey -

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