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Apr 2, 2007
Pirlo 5

Sir Chesny 5.5
Cuadrado 6
Danilo 5
De Ligt 6
Alex Sandro 5.5
McKennie 5
Arthur 5.5
Bentancur 5.5
Bernardeschi 5.5
Dybala 5
Ronaldo 6

Morata 6.5
Chiesa 5.5
Kulusevski 5.5
Rabiot, Ramsey -
I'd give Kulu a 5 because he was really bad in those 30 minutes. He did nothing right, and lots of wrong iirc. If 5 is for someone who was really bad, then Dybala gets it too. Danilo could jump to 5.5 only for that late pass to Cuadrado. McKennie... wasn't really a disaster, but he did nothing, so I guess something between 5 and 5.5 :) Szczesny had one save to make and he was bad on that occasion, so it's minimum 5 and maximum between 5 and 5.5, like McKennie. I agree with those other, imo CLEAR, 5.5's, and I agree with the sixes and the 6.5.


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Jul 15, 2017
No idea how Chiesa got a 6.5
I would agree on him but saw another rating site (everybody and his brother seems to have one) that was in line with this one but instead of 5.5-6 was on 6.5-7 scale. Your site shows solid performances from Cuads and MDL. #10 deserved his score and agree with the 5.5s except thought Danilo played better than that.

Can't read Italian but Arthur at 6 I thought was on brink of better than that. Thought Pirlo said he underperformed but more time to get familiar with his teammates and believe he is best suited player at MF in creating scoring chances for the forwards. Ramsey suppose to be that guy but being injury prone, older, and more expensive figuring he will leave next summer.


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Sep 28, 2017
That pass from Danilo to Cuadrado over the defense for the last goal, man Cuads was making those runs 10-15 times during that game. Arthur and Bentancur, especially Arthur was missing those all night.

It´s a shame we didn´t bring in someone who can hit the long ball on a consistent basis, the same problem was there last year as well. Watching Kroos and Modric against Inter yesterday, Real got 2 guys who can hit those with both feet in their sleep. They shred Inter to pieces with the exact same runs, the difference is they actually feed those runs.

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