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Dec 15, 2017
Man City's April schedule is not easy:

  • 6th April = FA Cup semi-final (@ Wembley, possibly v United)
  • 9th April = Spurs (A)
  • 14th April = Palace (A)
  • 17th April = Spurs (H)
  • 20th April = Spurs (H)
  • 24th April = United (A)
Looking at our schedule and the run of home games in the middle, I've no concerns over fatigue for the City CL games, but do have concerns about a top 4 finish with those away games vs the top 2 either side of the CL. Just hope that Arsenal and Chelsea drop points (which isn't impossible).

  • 10th March - 31st March = No Games (21 Days Off, Warm Weather Holiday Training Camp & Internationals)
  • 31st March = Liverpool (Anfield) PL
  • 7th April = Brighton (Nike/Tottenham Stadium) PL
  • 9th April = Man City (Nike/Tottenham Stadium) CL
  • 13th April = Huddersfield (Nike/Tottenham Stadium) PL
  • 17th April = Man City (Etihad) CL
  • 20th April = Man City (Etihad) PL
I think we're going to need a shut-out in the home leg, and look for away goals in the second. This is going to be difficult, but not beyond us. Clearly City are favourites to advance, however.

Might as well rent an apartment complex in Manchester in mid-April.


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Feb 20, 2016

On the Barca forum they see us as favourite, main contender, clearly above City. They mainly talk about us


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Apr 25, 2013
@Dantes Would you pick City or Juve to get through?

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Damn difficult schedule! They'll be tired and theyll probably get injuries. Gundogan and Fernandinho are the most imporant players for Pep.
Gundogan? Since when?

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Bernardo Silva is the name you're looking for.
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Jun 7, 2004
It has been a favorable draw, hopefully, we will have some luck this year. I will make an effort to see the second leg

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Klovn, i wanted us to avoid Bayern and Pool, cause i think that we have vulnerabilities over they structural gameplan and footballistic abilities and i really wanted us to disqualify Real, this is the closest we can get this year
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Oct 2, 2013
Man U fans are the fucking worst and they also embarrassed us in the home leg this season even with that shit coach

If we were to choke a final against them I'd be slamming cocaine into my nostrils to cope. Hope Barca absolutely dick on them tbh

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I’ve also got a suspicion that Tottenham might just upset the odds and knock them out.
I think the fact they're playing city 3x in 11 days is great. As long as they don't get fucked in the first game they will hopefully grind a result in the CL. They should know exactly what to expect.


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Apr 25, 2013
I get that people think Juventus are hugely favored to go through against Ajax, but how can you think it's going to be an easy walkover lol?
QFs onwards it's never easy, but it rarely gets much better than this. We got one of the two "smaller" teams, and that's reason to sigh in relief or be optimistic about.

Ajax isn't some behemoth bc they beat Real. Predicted they would given Real's issues.


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Apr 2, 2007
How often do the 4 strongest teams make the semi-finals?

On paper there are 4 clear teams you'd expect to make it through but every year there is at least one shock team that makes it to the semi's (look at Roma v Barca last year or Monaco v Man City the year before). We just need to hope it isn't Ajax this year, but I think that Tottenham have the potential to cause a surprise. Even Man Utd seem to have the bizarre luck to squeeze through.
I think it happened in 2014-15. In the quarters we faced Monaco, Bayern played Porto, Barca got PSG and Real took on Atletico. All 4 favorites made it to the semis.

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