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Jul 25, 2001
++ [ originally posted by Paolo_Montero ] ++
I've done some fairly stupid things in my time but I've been either too young or too hammered to remember :sigh:
The latter more often than the former, right? That's my problem anyway :D


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Jul 17, 2002
not really....i stopped trying to convince you, implying that you already made-up your mind on one reason for looking (even though that reason that you set your mind on may not be right)

So, i still think i'm right, but i'm not gonna try to convince someone who made-up his mind on what he SAYS is right.



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Jul 12, 2002
Right, last year I was in Spain with Dennis, it was September 12th and we had gone out to buy papers and also get food. I was carrying the bags of heavy food whilst he walked in front reading the papers. I was a big fed up as he'd left me to carry the food. Walking past a restaurant he was so engrossed in the papers that he walk smack bang into a tree.....I was laughing so much I was crying, all the people in the restaurant stopped eating and were laughing as well.....He was so embarrassed but I make sure everytime we go back to Spain I point out his favourite tree to him!!


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Mar 22, 2003

This is not the best situation, it is the worst one in my life that I won’t forget it...:down:

On my birthday morning I went to the college, and all of my friends were regarding me for my birthday... and I didn’t know what was happening in my house. When I returned to home the big surprise was there, my lovely cat died.. Why ?
our neighbour hit it… I was shocked:shocked:.. and I spent all my day crying…:sad:.

Think about it on my birthday my pet died


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Feb 24, 2003
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    ++ [ originally posted by bubba ] ++
    (recently) i ran accross the highway..busy highway
    What do u mean ?

    Can u explain more plz?

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