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Mar 7, 2013
Conte's inability to change a game with subs or changing tactics and having no plan B really show how limited he is

Yes Chelsea overall decreased the squad quality and made some very average signings to replace key players like Costa and Matic have handicapped Conte somewhat but he has thrown in the tower since after Christmas which is quite a bad attitude from him

I'm sure he will be successful with other teams but he does have some very big flaws and limitations


Apr 12, 2009
It's quite clear he's looking for the sack, but his squad was limited last season when he was active in just the Prem, now it was Europe too.

He chased Lukaku, Alex Sandro and Virgil van Dijk and got Morata, Emerson and Zappacosta :lol2:


Mar 6, 2007
He almost certainly is.

Conte was a bit stupid here as well if he thought the Chelsea he was going to would be anything like the one Mourinho went to in those early Abramovich years.


Oct 28, 2010
Please! We all know how ridiculously strong EPL midtable teams are when it comes to defense.
Yep, that’s exactly what it is. He only scored against the bottom teams because they have better defenses. He doesn’t want to waste his goal quota against the top teams with weak defenses, Martial and co can score in those.

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He has one goal against Chelsea and that’s it.

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