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Jun 20, 2018
What a horrible tactical display!

We didn’t had a midfield at all, none of our midfielders were in the position they supposed to be when we had possession.

There’s just a huge gap between our defense and attack when we start the build up. It’s always the same, Ramsey/McKennie are supposed to join the attack which make us losing one of the 3 midfielders. Bentancur stays behind and the third one, I didn’t even know where the hell Rabiot was, my screen was to small to see him hiding somewhere.

I was very much pro-Pirlo, understanding the problems we faced during the start and I had patience, but this are unforgivable mistakes, he didn’t had a clue what he was doing.

Im also really annoyed that he’s so fake in his ideas to implement the youngsters. I’m quite sure that Correia and Fagioli would’ve done a lot better compared to Bernardeschi an Ramsey. What a awful, awful players that are. Should never wear our jersey again.

And why the hell is this guy against a 433 ffs.

In order to save the season Agnelli should intervene and find something else. The 4th place is at risk
He literally said he "invented" Sandro as a cb , the guy who literally got out jumped on their goal.
I wonder what his next "invention" is going to be . Danilo as an AM doesn't sound so bad . If kulu can play SS(which obviously, can't ), then it's not such a bad idea in pirlo's world.

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Doubt he'll lose the locker room.

Some players look like they're very happy with this casual and lethargic football. Really starting to wonder now how much work goes into training. I do recall some players being unhappy with how Allegri or Conte drills their players in training.

Also he's got his Italian butt buddies who'll probably do anything to protect him.

If Allegri was in this position in the league and CL, Gazzetta, Tuttosport and the likes would have already spammed the newspapers with sack rumours. Just goes to show how protected he is.
Of course the papers like it.
We are losing so that is a good thing for most of them. Our rivals probably pray that pirlo stays for eternity.

Buy on
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Nov 25, 2005
Pirlo may understand football but what is becoming clearly obvious is that he has no grasp of man management.

can anyone seriously name a player that has improved under his leadership, Danilo aside? The players play with no passion, our midfield is serie c level in its output, none of those players have improved under pirlo and that was the position he mastered!! Rabiot is terrible, Bentancur after looking decent under Sarri has regressed into a Sunday league player, Ramsey is just useless. Even McKennie seems to be hideously inconsistent and his energy isn’t making up for his technical failings...

Pirlo’s lack of passion on the sideline is the biggest concern though, it transmits to the players. Look at Conte and Allegri - they kept the players focussed and motivated when the fatigue kicked in. Pirlo stands there like a statue and he doesn’t influence the game at all after kick off. Yesterday he blames fatigue - if the players are fatigued why are you only using 2 of your 5 subs??? Both in the last 20 minutes - Di pardo wasn’t even on long enough to get a touch!!

Verona looked so much fresher - they used all 5 subs, the first at half time!! This isn’t a fucking coincidence. Why did Dragusin not come on to add a 3rd proper defender after we scored the opener?? Why did Fagioli not come on for one of the 3 central midfield idiots?? Why did bernadeschi get 90 minutes? The guy has gone 9000 minutes without contributing, what makes pirlo think he’s going to be anything other than his normal useless self?? Well he was playing in his ‘natural position’ - that’s great, but he is naturally shit

Pirlo completely out of his depth and he has no business as our manager. I gave him a chance after he looked like the ship steadied in January but I’ve seen enough of him now to realise that was just good fortune. He is allowing players to get away with a lack of passion and effort. That’s unforgivable from a manager
All game i could hear Juric barking instructions.
Jul 20, 2012
Pirlo thinks he invented the wheel at this rate. He's just copying other tacticans ideas and just not making them work at all. Sandro moving into like a cdm role during the game was laughable. This guy is a shitty version of conte. I can't wait for him to have a full preseason and a "mercato" he wants.


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Aug 2, 2005
he really does seem clueless
Agree, though, this is the normal expectation when hiring a practicing coach to lead a team that is injury prone this season, in COVID age without pre-season, and lets be honest,, our mids holds zero creativity in it..

It is 80% management, 20% on Pirlo and other factors..

It was a gamble that is unfortunately happening at the expense of reaching the 10th while we yet to know if it is going to be at the expense of Pirlo's career as a coach, or maybe he has a pass on top 4 finish.

Its a long way till the end of this season hahahaha

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Jan 24, 2007
him sucking in yelling instructions wouldn't be an issue if his assistants were there to yelll.

they also suck.

they suck worse than tuzzers. even yoou losers would show more passion than the juve staff on sidelines.


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Mar 3, 2017
Always liked Gasperini.. but lets see what will happen..
I still dont think it is only Pirlo to blame here..

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We lost 2-1 away to Porto and there is a very real feeling or expectation that we will be eliminated.

Atalanta lost 1-0 at home to Real Madrid and there is instead a feeling of hope for progression.

They have to win well in the Bernabeu, we just have to beat Porto in Turin. Yet the feelings are reversed.

This is Gasperini's credibility. He has made Atalanta play so well so as to convince everyone that a provincial club can overcome a result against Zidane's Madrid in the bernabeu.

It would be such an exciting appointment for us.


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Jul 30, 2004
I like Gasperini and respect his work in Atalanta, but I don't think he is suitable for a big club.

Bring a top coach and spend big to bring top players, or stick with Pirlos,Sarris, Gasperinis, freebie players and Cronaldo and fight for a cl spot

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