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How many total gols will Morata have in 14/15

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Sep 4, 2006
The fuck is going on with Atletico? Where did they get all this money?

Better hope Griezmann to Barfa doesn't fall through.

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Total €180M in sales for a guy who scored 60 goals in 6 seasons :shifty:
he is just so likeable though.
Mar 10, 2009
To be fair he was a quality player in our 2014-5 season. Just a classic example of not knowing how well you had it until you left. Perhaps if he had stayed at Juve he would have developed into a good player.


Mar 6, 2007
he seems too mopey. failure to realise all that potential got him down i think.
I think he's mentioned psychological issues in the past. Wouldn't surprise me if he comes out one day and talks about suffering with his mental health, he's very streaky in his form but also always was a better reactive striker than a clinical one.

Unfortunately I think any player with these characteristics is going to struggle to play at the really top level in any professional sport. As it is his speed and directness has carved out a career for him. By the time his legs have gone he could end up like Fernando Torres at the end of his career.

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