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How many total gols will Morata have in 14/15

  • 0-4

  • 5-9

  • 10-14

  • 15-19

  • 20-24

  • over 25

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Aug 27, 2010
I could understand his celebrations, guy is having really tough time and goal is really a blessing for him.
It was the same with Caceres, when he scored vs us, I was mad at him, but we have to understand his situation.
What Bonucci did was something else, but this guys dont deserve any hate.
Mar 9, 2006

Just another ungrateful son of a whore :lol:


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Apr 15, 2005
Have some respect today Alvaro. You would be playing in China today if it wasn’t for your development at Juventus. Kick those balls wide.

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