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Mar 6, 2003
Should we start taking in consideration getting Morata on loan till the end of the season for Higuain now?

after the Mandzukic injury., Some peeps were talking about it and it looked like an interesting idea.

First and foremost, lets be honest, morata is cack right now....after he left Juve he faded, but the think is that right now we will not invest in any expensive top class replacement for Mandzukic, and Kean will no be used as our main forward.... not in a million years.

Bringin morata and moving CR7 to 9 could be an option. That way, we can use morata and kean as options, and not throwing all that responsability to kean alone.

Morata is wasteful, anf when he is not in the mood to score, we can use him as rotation with Douglas on the left. At the same time, Costa can play on the right for those games that bernardeschi is Injured, which lets be honest, is very frequently. Dybala would be the main guy on the right obvs, but douglas can rotate there if needed...since cuadrado is off too.

We all know morata is not rated anymore around here.... but taking in consideration our position... he could be a good stopgap until the summer...and then we can see how he evolved.

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