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Mar 31, 2004
Totti: Cassano has gone too far
Saturday 18 September, 2004


Francesco Totti has turned on errant teammate Antonio Cassano after his latest antics and claims Fabio Capello is to blame.

“He made two terrible mistakes in the space of three days,” the Roma captain told the ‘Gazzetta dello Sport.’ “What’s worse is that they are always the same errors.”

The 22-year-old starlet hit the headlines on Sunday when he was sent off for a reaction foul on Fiorentina’s Giorgio Chiellini, then stormed out of the training ground when he discovered he wasn’t in the squad for Wednesday’s Champions’ League clash with Dynamo Kiev.

“Rudi Voller was right to punish him,” continued Totti. “The previous management team was a little unclear on the whole issue, but from now on there can be no more tolerance. Enough is enough.”

Voller explained that he would try to instil the discipline that has been so sorely lacking within the Giallorossi camp and director of sport Franco Baldini also added that they would “change tack” on dealing with Cassano.

Whereas previous Coach Fabio Capello rarely punished the starlet for repeatedly insulting him and walking out on training sessions, the new regime is going to get tough.

“The club made a mistake in not immediately disciplining him,” added Totti, “and I was also partly to blame as I allowed him to do whatever he wanted. Now everyone has had enough.”

“The previous Coach told him one thing to his face and another behind his back. Just think that the young players were advised not to hang around with Cassano and myself, but rather to spend time with someone who is now at Juventus. And I don't mean Jonathan Zebina,” he added with a clear reference to Emerson.

Meanwhile, his former club Bari have rushed to the defence of this eternally controversial figure.

“Cassano made a mistake,” admitted former Bari director general Carlo Regalia, “but the criticism has been over the top. Sometimes his practical jokes can go too far, but this is his strength.”

The youngster shot to fame as a teenager during his first Serie A season at hometown club Bari, which included a wonder goal against Inter. In 2001 he earned a £20m move to Roma and has been troubling Coaches and teammates with his antics ever since.

“He never did anything really serious at Bari,” added Regalia. “He was just a child when he joined our youth system, but in football terms he knew it all."

"Cassano is the kind of lad who takes situations by the scruff of the neck and won’t go missing in a big game. If anything, you can’t get him off the ball! All he needs to settle back down is to know that the club has faith in him.”

Meanwhile, as Totti is certain to miss the trip to Messina this Sunday due to a muscular problem, Vincenzo Montella should partner Marco Delvecchio upfront.


Capello: Totti was a bad example
Saturday 18 September, 2004


The bitterness between Francesco Totti and Fabio Capello has spilled over with the two men accusing each other of leading Antonio Cassano astray.

“It’s true that I told Daniele De Rossi not to follow Totti and Cassano’s example,” confirmed the former Roma Coach. “I told him to stay close to Emerson, live a healthy life and follow his lead if he wanted to achieve certain results.”

“It was the advice that a Coach must give to a young player who is growing, so that he doesn’t get lost in a moment of glory.”

Totti openly blamed Capello for not disciplining Cassano in the past, and suggested that this is what made the youngster feel he could get away with his bad behaviour.

“It now seems that everything happening at Roma is my fault,” smiled the Juventus boss, “yet with me in charge we won a Scudetto and came second behind a great Milan side.”

“Everything I did with Cassano was with the results in mind and that is why I accepted things from him that I would not have done with others. I tried to talk to him like a Father to a son.”

Capello has stayed remarkably quiet on the circumstances surrounding his departure from Roma, but Totti’s interview made the fiery tactician come out of his shell.

“And finally, to Mr Totti,” he added. “I ask the captain and Roma man per excellance to remember Napoli. He knows what I mean, as on the penultimate day of the season we won the Scudetto in the Stadio San Paolo with 15,000 fans following us.”

Capello also aimed a final sideswipe at President Franco Sensi, who last week stated that the Coach had “run away in the night to Juventus.”

“Seeing as people keep trotting out this phrase,” concluded the Bianconeri boss, “I’d like to point out that I had a meeting with Juventus directors at 6pm, so if anything I left in mid-morning.”


:LOL: :rofl: :LOL:

My favourite is Capello's last reply to Sensi... That's simply a classic... :D

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Apr 20, 2004
Well for once Totti is talking sense....sort of. He is right about enough is enough with Cassano.

I wonder how Cassano will take this though. I get the feeling he might ask to be transfer listed. No way was he ever worth £20m. Another stupid Roma error.

That last comment is pretty good.

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Jan 31, 2004
++ [ originally posted by Erkka ] ++
1) “It now seems that everything happening at Roma is my fault,” smiled the Juventus boss,

2) “Seeing as people keep trotting out this phrase,” concluded the Bianconeri boss, “I’d like to point out that I had a meeting with Juventus directors at 6pm, so if anything I left in mid-morning.”

1) He is right. For everything that happens in Roma, m**********s blame Capello.

:rofl:@ 2)


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Jul 12, 2002
Voller's gonna get though were Capello wasn't? I'd like to see that. I would doubt that Cassano would listen to rookie Rudi when he didn't listen to Faboulous Fabio, but I guess Totti knows best...


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Mar 16, 2004
:LOL: Ahh I love Capello.

Let me dig up some more Romanista horse shit for our viewing pleasure: :D

Posted by Drez:

CAPELLO........CAPELLO, what have we ever done for you to treat us so disrespectfully????

Didn't we pay you a record high salary for your services?

Didn't we give all we had in a tough financial situation to try to accomodate you?

Didn't we win the scudetto together?

Didn't you get backing from the best tifosi in the world?

Why did you choose to leave like a thief in the night?

Why choose not to stand up like a man and tell us why?

Why did you hurt us by stealing players AND not let us have a fair negotiation for them?

WHY OH WHY did you choose to STEAL priviledged information about our future our hopes SO that you could give them to our ETERNAL ENEMY???






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