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Koul Khara!
Aug 30, 2002
He stopped playing effective footie around february, which is kinda crazy, because he looked so good up to february post WC. And was irrelevant/injury prone before WC. So his 1 year tenure, he performed for a 1/3rd of it.

But still, with his skill and talent level, he was defacto the best/most likely to make a difference player on the pitch. So if we could, I would prefered renewing him for another year.

But this showcased exactly why I was against signing him, 1 year temporary signing of an old player who has no interest to stay on, and no time to stay on either since he is 35 this year. Was kinda ridicolous and short sighted signing.

I would genuinely preferred keeping Dybala when this was their plan for replacement.

And is exactly why I dont want us to sell Vlahovic, we succumb to ridicolous and short sighted as replacements often.

I may be foolish for hoping for Zaniolos and giving more chances to a Kulusevski, but they have room for growth, compared to a mid 30s former top player who sees you as a pit stop cash in before retirement.

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