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  1. [Serie A] Cagliari 0-2 JUVENTUS (6th May 2012)

    My username is akin to that lower back tattoo you regret.
  2. [Serie A] Cagliari 0-2 JUVENTUS (6th May 2012)

    Another oldie checking in for support. I remember being a high school brat browsing these forums-- good times. Forza Juve!
  3. Nedved picture request...

    Man, that's a sweeet picture. Thanks a lot ESS. These forums have been an integral part of my youth. I want 2003 back.
  4. Pavel Nedved

    Does anybody have a link to a full-sized (or larger) version of my Nedved avatar picture [it's from the stock set of avatars in the forum]. Thanks,
  5. Nedved picture request...

    Where can I get a full sized picture of the Nedved avatar I am currently using. The avatar is part of the Juventuz forum's stock avatar pictures. Thanks a lot for any help,
  6. Luigi "Vergogna" Delneri

    I haven't been here in a while, but Del Neri.... are you fucking kidding me? Midtable battle here we come. At least I'll be able to tell my children legends of Lippi's Juve.
  7. Techno, Trance & House - Reborn

    check out the new M83 album (Saturday = Youth) if you like 80's synths and the shoegaze wall of noise/reverb sound. Fuck Buttons debut album is pretty damn sick too. Not really dance music, but definitely electronic and noisy as fuck. That shit with some nice headphones is just hypnotic. My...
  8. Techno, Trance & House - Reborn

    man has it been a while! <--- my avatar is still quite possibly my favourite mix cd ever.
  9. 2007/2008 Juve jerseys news

    I just hate how the colars are so flimsy. They don't pop. You judge colars by their "popyness" or hardness.
  10. Materrazzi head-butted again

    i fning hate inter and want all the worst for them, but are you guys seriosly blind? delvechio freaking attempted to smash inters goalkeeper's knees after he caught the ball. fuck, if some samp striker tried that on buffons legs any juve defender who doesnt approach delvechio and set him...
  11. preferable soundcard

    m-audio and e-mu seem to be well priced good quality recording sound cards. look to spend at least $400 for one with a break out box for easy connections, rather than bending over behind your pc tower each time you wanna reconnect a different instrument.
  12. The Ultimate Juve Wallpaper!

  13. Juve - Lecce Goals

    I'd consider Lippi's reign as more of the recent 'good old days'. To me, it seems like the entire Capello regime was a bad nightmare. Most the players who arrived with him, left with him. Fuck them all. :)
  14. Techno, Trance & House - Reborn

    House is class.
  15. Techno, Trance & House - Reborn

    Threads still running! Yeah baby! Trentemoller - The Last Resort Amazing album check it out!