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  1. Who is this Allah?

    i would want to see this kind of forum post on any juventus site. as faith is very sensitive of people. let us discuss football and not creator.
  2. Trezeguet to Manchester United?

    i reall want him to stay and help us to top level, that is if there are rumour that he want to go to england. and if it is true then we should not sell him so cheap as we sold canivaro, thuram, zamborota and emerson to baca and real madrid. we should not sell him less than 30 million...
  3. How desperate are Inter?

    i see no reason why inter should be happy that juventuz would be relegated and they would become the champion of scudeto. they should know that if you didnot win on the field of play then you are not a true winner. and i regretted having moggi has part of juventuz board. this something...
  4. Donadoni to juve?

    i dont think it would be nice idea to employ any former player of milan to lead our dear team. there are so many good coach out there jobless we can look onto. beside former bayern coach is there as well as former madrid coach are all out there.
  5. Moggi working on a blockbuster deal (50m €+ to spend)

    it is obvious that we need to bring in fresher leg in our team (juventuz) knowing it that alex is the only reliable player in squad. and he is getting old.
  6. Moggi working on a blockbuster deal (50m €+ to spend)

    50 million is quiet a huge some of money. we can use it to buy many good players around the world. but we should stop thinking of bringing in fiore whom i considered is fading away from his usual self. and mancini who will click once in a week.
  7. [Serie A] Siena - Juventus

    it is really time up for some players in juve squad. player like zabina, zlatan veira, mutu to go now. we say to they goodluck
  8. [Serie A] Siena - Juventus

    i think it is enough for don capello and his pet boy zlatan. they are just not good juventuz. we someone so determine to win.
  9. Marchionni To Join Juve In June

    i really dont know who this marchionni of guy is. anyway if he is good then he is welcome to juve. but i hope is not someone like zabina whom i thought and and believed he is not the right man there.
  10. The one and only Capello thread

    it is high time i think don fabio should go alongside with his talking of the likes of zlatan and zabina. capello radical approach has really cost not only our prestige in football world but also our approaches toward games. we seem to be so ordinary this day. time to go capello we are...
  11. Tacchinardi - 1 juve player that can win CL

    i think is high time we bring back tacchi. he is a good player. faster than viera on the ball. even though capello seem not to like him.
  12. Juan Roman Riquelme

    it is highly time we bring the likes of totti or riquelme not matter how much its going to cost us. it clearly shows that we need someone on the ball to make the linkd from the midfield and offensive. so far it only alex that does that and when he is not available then our game becomes shabble.
  13. [Poll] Zlatan or Capello

    i think both zlatan and capelo should be pleased go. after yesterday awful performance against arsenal. zlatan did not show any zeal nor did capelo seem to have notice that. beside his tactics looks so cheap.
  14. [Seria A] Livorno - Juventus

  15. [CL]Arsenal vs Juventus

    i think we should be able to pass arsenal. if only we can cage them and allow them a little space to run.