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    Juventus: fact, figures...etc

    Many thanks for the stats Rami, but there were a couple of things that didn't seem correct to me.. -first of all, isn't Del Piero the top goalscorer of all time? I believe he achieved that record recently.. -you mention Boniperti and Del Piero twice in the "most seasons played" -the "most...
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    Which Players should Lippi Pick?

    So it's not 25 but 23...:undecide: Right now I don't know about Roma, as he's out with a lengthy injury which could mean surgery so he might have problems recovering in time. Abbiati could replace him, or Peruzzi. Chiellini will most likely go to the olympics with Italy, while the doors are...
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    Favorite Italian music?

    I love his album "Cieli di Toscana," it's full of beautiful ballads and his singing is lovely. Also his newest album "Andrea" is good with songs like "In canto," although the songs themselves aren't as nice imo.
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    What Instruments Do U Play?

    Great! Never heard about violin-guitar duets though..:rolleyes:
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    [Serie A] Juventus vs. Messina

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    Fifa '06

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    Juventus against National Teams!!!

    Yeah, it surely was below our standars:( What surprised me the most was how superior they were on a physical level, I thought that was always our strenght, and also the unusual lack of determination. Abbiat I think has no excuse in that goal, it was a costly mistake that perhaps decided the...
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    Respaul's Juve Pepsi Challenge 2005 - 2nd Edition

    Yeah... I liked the tie braker question :D
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    Juventus against National Teams!!!

    guess you did:cool:
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    Fifa '06

    FIFA 2006 Game Review Dan Budny | 10/14/2005 12:35:00 PM The latest version of the FIFA video game series from EA Sports hit stores earlier this month, and we hit up soccer fan Dan Budny for a review. Having read the glowing reviews and informative news releases about FIFA 2006 I...
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    What Instruments Do U Play?

    Yeah, it sure is a great instrument;) I played for ten years and decided to quit (no real good reason, didn't see any future with it i guess), three years later I decided to have it a go again.
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    [IT] Serie A 2005/06

    He missed the game, taking an extra day off in Brazil and subsequently missing a flight. Or something.
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    [Serie A] Juventus vs. Messina

    Hehe.. I don't know, 1-1 Trez?:nervous: I'm sorry, it expires after one match.;) I'll say 83
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    [CL] Bayern Munich- Juventus

    Imagine how that would sound for a non-Juve fan:D I think Vieira's loss will be crucial, and simply can't imagine how we can win in Germany without him, especially as Bayern have started out so strongly. Blasi is my favorite to partner Emerson, especially as they have some experience against...
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    [Serie A] Juventus vs. Messina

    (evidence on page 8 ;)) Damn I'm good :party: