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  1. Martin Cáceres

    With Canna and Chiellini's incompatibility, the availability of Lergo, and the arrival of Caceres, we doesnt ferrara use Chiellini as a left back just like the old days, with Canna and legro playing as centre backs and Caceres sticking to the right.
  2. The Wish List and General Discussion Thread

    Juve shouldnt rely on Sissoko.. The three central midfielders will be primarily made up of Camo, Melo and Tiago, with Marchisio stepping every now and then.
  3. Midfield situation

    First of all.. Its spelt Tacchinardi.. Secondly, i dont know how on earth you could compare him with Poulsen.
  4. tactics and formations

    it doesn't seem like Camo or Marco are gonna start anytime soon, specially Marco... so Hasan should be able to fill that gap... Salihamidzic can offer us alot, we just gotta use him right.....i just hope he doesnt become our new Mutu. another thing, Tiago and almiron can play together. they...
  5. Andy is no longer a moderator

    Hats off for Andy... love and respect, mighty mate.. love and respect
  6. "The Arabic Juve Thread... Reloaded!!"

    There is a similar sized Tomb that belongs to Prophet Emran, which is found in Salalah, Oman.. and if not mistaken, its twice as big as this one... The local ppl believe that the length of the tomp has nothing to do with the size of the prophets body, ppl just didnt know exactly where his tomp...
  7. What's your Japanese name?

    Rindorika.... mmmmmmm
  8. Treatment table report/the Igor Tudor thread

    I've always liked Tudor even tho he didnt play alot... I remember the days when he used to cover for montero or Ferrara. he used to be superb in air, and a tough tackler (except for those moments when he scored own goals! :D).. but shit happens.. and thats football.. just like Juliano, montero...
  9. The Lebanese political crisis!!!

    Saad Hariri's speech was so different in style and content to the speeches of Jaaja and Humblat.. it really showed how those three have their own ways of thinking and they are not as united as they seem...
  10. The Lebanese political crisis!!!

    Seriously, dude, I dont know wht world your living in, cuz obviously your somwhere out there, wondering, goaless, and ur ignorance has just topped it up. I dont know wht Israel your talking about, cuz the one i know has got more than 1 lebanese in its prisons.
  11. The Lebanese political crisis!!!

    To see the full picture, you need ppl from both poles , you cant just decide who is right without listening to both sides of the story. and in regards to Jack, i dont know wht ur talking about, cuz he IS taking sides
  12. The Lebanese political crisis!!!

    Hezballah represents a huge portion of the lebanese population, so its a part of this ongoing debate.. Im a hezballah supporter, so i have all the right to defend its policy, on the other hand Jack and Rab obviously arent, and thats why they are defending the otherside of the conflict, which is...
  13. The Lebanese political crisis!!!

    well, as a Mod, u should be less hyped up about ur first sentence, since ur the inforcer of the law around here, arnt u, ( or so it seems) and no.. im just another anonymous guy in a a very open space, who is trying to prove a point.. sorrowfully, that point is beyond ur comprehension
  14. The Lebanese political crisis!!!

    plz..not the generalisations game again! Thats rather an off putting analogy from wht looks like a grown up...Seriously,u need to chill... dont be all tensed up about me trying to correct u... at the end of the day, we all figured out u know where Beirut is, and that is good to hear, in...