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  1. Juventus Membership

    Weirdly enough the tickets I got are actual printed tickets. They had to ship them via UPS express. That was the only option since I didn’t have a tessera del tifoso card. Tickets are being delivered tomorrow. Little nervous because I don’t know if the tickets were actually transferred to my...
  2. Juventus Membership

    Thanks for all the info! I ended up purchasing the overpriced tickets on Viagogo. Has anyone ever purchased on there? The actual date of the game is listed as Sunday May 6, but it's actually on the Saturday May 5. Is that normal? I'm assuming since general sale just went on it's a mistake that...
  3. Juventus Membership

    I’m on their website now but when I go to purchase the tickets it says I need a juventus membership card to transfer the tickets to. Do you need a membership card to enter the stadium even if you buy tickets on general sale?
  4. Juventus Membership

    Guys need some help here. I'm visiting Italy during May and want to go to the Juventus - Bologna game May 5. Does anyone have any experience with buying tickets not on All of the tickets are "not available" on their website so I'm assuming they are sold out. First time buying...
  5. Entourage

    This is the greatest show ever. Great first episode. It seems like this season is going to be about Vince's career taking off, and his friends trying to do their own thing.
  6. The NBA Thread

    He was solid bench player last year for the Mavs, which is what the Magic needed. Not sure if he'll start at the 4 or not but he has the opportunity to prove himself. He's a strong guy and can match up physically with a lot of people in the league. I think it's a good signing. Talking about the...
  7. Gaetano D'Agostino

    I agree, it would be nice to add another name to the long list of flops on our team......
  8. The NBA Thread

    Reports say he signed a 5 year deal worth $53 million. Now that it's pretty much official, it looks like Marion is on his way out. I think it's a good signing. Hedo is a proven scorer, and while it sucks to lose Marion, I think this will work out.
  9. The NBA Thread

    Detriot has signed Ben Gorden (5 yrs. $55- $ 60 million) and Charlie Villanueva (5 year $40 million).
  10. The NBA Thread

    If Gortat leaves, and the Magic sign Sheed, no one else can start but him. Unless they play Lewis at PF and Carter at SF. Which wouldn't make much sense. They're bench isn't that terrible. They got a decent back-up PG in Johnson, JJ Redick, Pietrus, Anderson, and if they keep him Gortat. All...
  11. The NBA Thread

    Sheed would be a great signing for the Magic. They can play Lewis at his best position and still spread the floor as Sheed can shoot the ball. He's a perfect fit for the Magic. If they can go out and sign some squad players, then they'll be set.
  12. [EU] The U-21 European Championship

    Man, tough luck for the kids. They deserved this final. They were in control for every minute of this tournament. I can think of at least 5 times where a defender cleared a ball off the line to deny Italy in the last 2 games alone. Terribly hard luck. Credit to Germany because in the second half...
  13. The NBA Thread

    Hedo is opting out of his contract. So, he's gone. If they run Carter at the 3, they're going to be a really small team next year. I'm sure they'll be interested in whether the Lakers can re-sign both Ariza and Odom. They need to either sign some depth players, or sign a good small forward.
  14. 20k

    Congrats dude. Btw, I haven't posted at XFF for a while now. But, thanks for the shout out. lol
  15. Michael Jackson Dead at 50

    Please do me a favour and smack yourself in the face for saying that.....