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  • I've only read selected facts from it. Don't know why I haven't read it all yet, I'll put it on my list. I've even been to lecture by one the authors. Can't remember which one, think it was Levitt tho :D

    I like everything about food. Making it, reading about it, eating it. The first thing I do, when I go on holiday is to visit the local market and look at what's on offer.
    Within a couple of years, I hope to call myself an economist and a decent one.

    But my real expertise is food.
    Does that work well with doing Computer stuff as a living? Isn't it all commands, that are suppose to be correct.
    Nope. It's Malthe. An old and proud scandinavian name. That's what my mom told me :D
    A bit busy lately, my sister got married couple of days ago and so did my bestfriend last week. I see we played last night and won, I think I'm turning into Martin.
    Thanks! I guess I just like using usernames more than my real one for messageboards. We only get stuck with one name in real life but here you can have variety. :D
    my friends always joke that there's a code defect in my brain that multiplies my confidence percentage by at least 2 :D

    It was nice, cold day. They got here at noon, and I was in high school back then. I had to leave 2 hours before the end of the day to make it. I went to one of the vice-principal with 2 of my friends and we told her:"You must give us permission to leave early, or we'll just jump above the wall and leave anyway". Astonishingly, she said yes. We got to the airport by 1 or 2 PM, with about 200 of Juve fans already there. Ale was the first to come out, I was about 2 meters away from him, but then 50 people ran over me on their way to him and I was left behind. Later I got pics with Nedved, Buffon, Zalayeta and others, but not DP. Just before their bus left the airport, I saw Ale sits next to Ciro, pretty close to the window. I waved and he smiled and waved back. That's all I got.

    The profile pic? Ale lights Hanukkah candles in at Hilton hotel, Tel Aviv, 2005. Juve came here to play vs. Maccabi Tel Aviv in the Champions. Ale scored :D
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