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  1. [Serie A] Parma vs. Juventus

    buying a site belong to juve fans does not mean i'm a juventini !! i can buy a sites too ?
  2. [Serie A] Parma vs. Juventus

    what do you care ?
  3. [Serie A] Parma vs. Juventus

    cuz ur not a juventini juve is not playing tomorrow
  4. Official Zlatan Ibrahimovic Thread

    Great Match ..hmmmmmmmmmmmm !! Duh.. how come ? i thought you meant he scored Goals .. and that's made us say he played a great match just for a pass between or just a cross?????
  5. [Serie A] Juventus vs. Inter

    early to discuss , we have Rapid first !
  6. [IT] Serie A 2005/06

    i hope too. cuz inter draw with those teams. but when it comes to Juve they beat us :down:
  7. [GER] Bundesliga 2005/06

    what is Magath doing ? Damaging the team with his subs. Thomas Doll did really read the picth Carefully !! how could he play this match with 4-5-1 leaving Makaay with no assist and alone while he can play even Santa Cruz or Guerrero infront with him from the begining? Sub Scholl...
  8. [EN] Premier League 2005/06

    and lampard will win the best player in EPL as Terry did last season.
  9. [SP] La Liga 2005/06

    Bang Bang Eto'o Forza Barca.
  10. The Formula 1 thread - Season 2005

    Alonso won the Pole at brasil GP,, Kimi qualified 5th after a breaking mistake on the first corner. Montoya 2nd ,, fisichella 3rd so he will be a sandwich between The 2 Renault drivers. i think Alonso will win the title today.
  11. [CL] Juventus - Rapid Vienna

    Agree, we should be on the top of the group .. we need the full formation to play this match !
  12. [Serie A] Parma vs. Juventus

    Full mark bravo juve. excuse me Abbiati you're sucks . Emerson brought back the life again. Vieira Juve's rachis . Camo you will make the difference with italy in WC Zlatan i want to see you scoring instead of making us saying wow that was a Nice skills. enough Ibra ! Pessotto...
  13. [Serie A] Parma vs. Juventus

    we are playing parma (away ) not a weak team in Delle Alpi :)
  14. [SP] La Liga 2005/06

    Bad coach Rijkaard + bad defenders = Barca won la liga ! how did that happen ?
  15. [Serie A] Parma vs. Juventus

    it's ganna happen today 24/9/2005. Trez with a double Goal !