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  1. 9th August Juve vs Roma

    How are emerson and vieira doing together?
  2. Live Aid 2!

    DO you know at what time do the concerts begin?
  3. Live Aid 2!

    The London concerts seems to be the best, in my opinion. I just cant imagine Coldplay, Sting (the police), REM, Pink Floyd, Keane, Travis and U2 in one show!!! I envy all the people who are going there. I would also love to go to philadelphia just to see Bon Jovi. ANd Canada for Our Lady peace.
  4. Want to be a scouter?

    We really need a good back-up for buffon, I believe Chimenti isnot good enough, not even for coppa games. Some very good goalkeepers I usually watch here in south america are the one from river plate, both of them. Constanzo, he is a hell of a keeper. He is incredible!! and he is 24 I think. His...
  5. [EU] Champions League 04/05

    I am starting to like liverpool after all. Gerrard is a god in the soccer field, he rules.
  6. Milan-Juventus

    Remeber that we can use Mutu in the last two games!! Thats a plus for our team too!!!!
  7. Milan-Juventus

    Come On Pierluigi!!!!!!!! Use the F*cking Whistle...... Now!!!!!
  8. Milan-Juventus

    I meant Collina and the 3 others too as a group... Actually I think he does decide, apart from Berlusconi and Galliani... jaja
  9. Milan-Juventus

    5 Minutes Extra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ......COllina-.......... :(
  10. Milan-Juventus

    How much time is left?
  11. Milan-Juventus

    Can anybody please tell me if there is a live tream? please please I Beg U!
  12. Milan-Juventus

    F*ck Serginho, it looks like this guy is doing good things over there
  13. Milan-Juventus

    IS there any live streaming?
  14. Milan-Juventus

    I am sorry if my comment hurts some of you but I believe Juve cant really beat Milan right now. We simply dont have the creativity and goal deifinition we need. I guess that it will be a very tight encounter with almost no fluidity. A lot of fouls and hard tackles. Close spaces. At the end Juve...
  15. What is going on!!???

    What the fvck is going on with JUVE!!!??????????????? a coup`le of years ago i like to see juve play. I waited for each game. Now i dont even like to watch juve play. Whats going on? Juve cant even play good soccer. You cant play good soccer and win just with long balls. In the last match m juve...