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    Injury Update

    oh so you're a mod now. being a d*ck finally paid off eh fli? and .. last time i checked, everyone who is going to be at the world cup is playing club football. They will all get rest once the season comes to a close; albeit limited. By your logic, players should go into hibernation...
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    Injury Update

    rest with 2 games to go?
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    What bands to you like?

    Oasis Radiohead Muse Placebo Nirvana Alice in chains Wallflowers Audioslave Depeche Mode Black Label Society Assemblage 23 James Nine Inch Nails Silverchair Opeth Stone Temple Pilots Led Zeppelin Joe Satriani Dream Theater Soundgarden Pink Floyd REM Slipknot Stereophonics...
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    Moggi working on a blockbuster deal (50m €+ to spend)

    Pounds. 17 Million £. which is close to 25 Million Euros. Joaquin is inconsistent. C.Ronaldo is perhaps more suited. But both are better than Camo. Capello has been a known admirer of Joaquin for some time now. Its going to be hard to get either but Joaquin looks more likely than CR7.
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    Who was the biggest transfer flop?

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    Sol Campbell (No. Del Horno, Yes)

    of course that was sarcasm ... even an iguana would see that from a mile away. (Not that I'm implying that you have the intellect of an iguana, salamander, house lizard or any other reptile for that matter.)* Also sarcasm, my cold blooded friend* .... especially when he mentioned Antonioli...
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    Tomas Rosicky

    Err. no. Heh. Has nothing to do with that. Its just that hardly anyone here seems to have a clue about the game and make a big deal out of every little transfer rumor that crops up. anyway, f*ck it. See you guys in a ...... few years.
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    Tomas Rosicky

    You guys are Idiots. I bet none of you watch the Bundesliga and only go by what others say about Tomas. Have you guys even seen Rosicky play in recent times? Obviously not. He is a shadow of the player he was couple of seasons ago. He would add nothing to Juve's midfield. Add to that the fact...
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    I Need the name of one song...Please

    Sum 41- Hell Song.
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    Stop stealing my artwork

    Thats the beauty of the internet. Its called etiquette. You should pay a visit to the art community to see how seriously things are taken. Swag you mentioned something about a watermark. How am I going to use a Getty Images type watermark on my images ? how would i use them myself then ? The...
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    Stop stealing my artwork

    Post edited for foul and abusive language - Mikhail For the record I don't have anything against anyone. I come here with a valid problem and I get flamed by someone this doesn't even concern. He tells me to get a life when he wastes his time flaming someone who is of little significance to...
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    Stop stealing my artwork

    haha. what a geek. Next time try a word without numbers in 'em. douce.
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    Stop stealing my artwork

    listen there smartass. You don't know me and this doesn't concern you. My work has been plagiarized time and again and i do nothing about it. Its just a pass-time to me but i hate to see my stuff floating about the internet alright ? My social life is in order and thats the reason i don't even...
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    Stop stealing my artwork

    I don't post around here anymore but its been brought to my attention that my artwork (avatars to be precise) are being used by members here without my permission. Now the member called "gmmmu" is using an avatar which i made for my use on another site. This isn't the first time either. My...
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    'Official' ??? Zlatan to Juve.

    Croatian mother.