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  1. Super Cup in Tokyo

    me too:D
  2. Super Cup in Tokyo

    tell me a bout (traveling to the USA this summer )???
  3. Super Cup in Tokyo

  4. sell del piero

  5. Super Cup in Tokyo

    Tokyo eyes Italian Super Cup Wednesday 4 June, 2003 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The city of Tokyo is being considered as a possible venue for the Italian Super Cup Final this summer. Reports from Asia suggest that talks have...
  6. sell del piero

    thx,that what i say all the time
  7. sell del piero

    mutu is good(and no one Born with experienc) dp was not had experienced enough for Juve when he start
  8. sell del piero

    who dont like who paly good soccer????? why we like a palyer who dont paly good?? we domt love palyers cuz they are good looking we love thim when they pruduces the good soccer
  9. sell del piero

    nedved do what juve wont from nedved but dp dont do what juve wont from him
  10. sell del piero

    what about del piero in euro2000 final he :down::down::down:
  11. sell del piero

    i agree with u,but hes bad day is mor than hes good day:down:
  12. sell del piero

    juve is not one player
  13. who is your best english team?

    i dont like english teams
  14. sell del piero

    juve sell zidane(who is the best player in the world) juve sell baggio(who was the best player in the world) BUT JUVE Remain JUVE so do u think juve will be weak if they sell dp
  15. sell del piero

    1- nedved 2-del piero(not for him ,but cuz his Position)