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  1. {SI} Football Manager 2009

    its out on friday. its going to be class
  2. [ENG] Premiership 2008/2009

  3. [ENG] Premiership 2007/2008

    Thats right. Them stupid monkeys actually thought bringing back a manager that quit originally because he couldn't handle the "pressure" years ago would actually change thier performance? I want them to get relegated idiots
  4. [ENG] Premiership 2007/2008

    Ah I follow milan when I watch italian football but I was born in north london and I am spurs fan mainly they are the team I travel up and down the country to watch. But as I said I like italian football and follow milan when I watch it but prefer my english football and my long suffering spurs 100%
  5. B or A

    tall small breasts or large
  6. B or A

    Tommy vercetti any day of the week rooney or ronaldo
  7. [ENG] Premiership 2007/2008

    Because he brought players that are already adaped to the english style of football in january meant they wouldnt have to settle in like a spanish or italian would. The players he brought are for this season and they dont need no time to adapt to the football which is clever. Where as at the end...
  8. [ENG] Premiership 2007/2008

    thanks mate we havent won anything in 9 years and then to beat chealseas so called super stars in extra time was sweet.
  9. Top 5 actors that you've SEEN

    ray winston pacino danny dyer johnny depp antonio banderas (spelling proberbly wrong)
  10. [SPA] La Liga 2007/2008

    Doesnt really suprise me. he has always looked like a poof. same as mort gamst pedersen
  11. [ENG] Premiership 2007/2008

    naa man utd can win the title every year and I wont care as long as it stops the those gooners from winning it then im happy. the eduardo injury wont effect them much if that happened to that twat adebyor then thier titles hopes proberbly would be all over
  12. [ENG] Premiership 2007/2008

    even I feel sorry for eduardo and im a spurs fan. But all I really care about is that we beat those chelsea scumbags yesterday. Johnny woodgate is a legend
  13. [SI] Football Manager 2008

    benega is shit compared to camacho I want want world domiance class not any old mug son
  14. [SI] Football Manager 2008

    Can anyone reccomend a worldclass young central midfielder or defensive midfielder for my napoli team that has finished 3rd for the last two seasons in my 5th season? Already got Hamsik and camacho
  15. [ENG] Premiership 2007/2008

    you badly hope you sign fat frank lampard??? he's lazy, a shit passer and to top it he's one of the most over-rated players in the world. plus he's cheslea scum