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    Sweet zombie baby jesus!!!!!

    I doubt you're the real Igor, but then u started asking for drugs...
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    Sweet zombie baby jesus!!!!!

    this forum still exist???! that takes me back to the early 00s. i havent logged in close to a decade now. is Hydde still active? we both started at the same time. at least i stuck through the hard time. FORZA JUVE!!!
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    General TV

    are we recommending tv shows on this thread? okay here goes: Californication (three seasons, solid writing) Entourage (except this shitty season 6) Mad Men (seems ok i guess, mid way through season 2 still keeps me wanting to know more)
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    [Trofeo Birra Moretti] Juve vs Napoli vs Milan (August 21st 2008)

    wow, this site still look exactly the same.
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    PES 6

    i though dribbling gonna get harder according to what i've heard. eaither way i cant wait.
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    [Super Cup] Inter Milan v AS Roma

    fvck inter........................and roma god serieA gonna suck this year!
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    FIFA WC All-Star squad

    ballack selection also is a joke
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    The best 10 clubs in the World right now!!!

    when it comes to football, leave it to sportsillustrated and cnn.
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    Inter Contact Deschamps

    let him go.he needs the experience,an italian one, instead of being this one-hit-wonder. unless he's considered as a part of this "revolution" nonsense everyone is psyched about.
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    Juve -MU CL 1999

    man, what a nightmare of a match! watching a comfortable lead slip away, sounds rather familiar. sadly it's considered one of the CL classics.
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    Italian giants in Ruud link

    I dont know about inter, but milan dafinatly do not have shortage in strikers.....unless a surprise move for shev to chelsea. heck, chelsea can go for RVN themseleves, he already proved himself in the epl
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    CL Quarter Final Draw

    does anyone know when Xavi is schaduled to return? most of us forgot about him i assume. as a barca fan i would love to see a barca-juve final but i doubt it
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    Dont Ever Get This Drunk!

    he's auditioning for Jackass: the movie 2:D
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    The most improved players of 2005

    what about Trez? he came outta a very disappointing 2004 full of injuries and everyone including myself though his best days are behind him ...i mean, i havnt seen trez this consistent since 01/02
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    [EU] Champions League 05/06

    i agree with those who consider the draw easier, anything but an english side would be good. we have an embarassing record on english soil in recent years