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Dec 11, 2005
Manolas had a great World Cup for Greece. He improved but still he is a mediocre center back. He plays for Olympiacos, the Greek champions. It's needless to say that the Greek Super League is crap! Surely he doesn't cost 10.000.000 euros. More like 3-4.000.000 euros. Ofcourse he is not Juve material. Benfica was asking for him but stepped back when Olympiakos said that he want 10 mil.


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Aug 21, 2010

++ fast enough , strong enough , decent at personal marking and good at aerial challenges , young

-- he is the kind of player that often makes one crucial mistake during a match , a bit clumsy with the ball, his price is ridiculous , and just a personal opinion I hate his fucking attitude cause he constantly seems a little cocky, arrogant

I would pass, i don't trust him on the pitch even though he had a solid season, especially during the world cup. He also pulled some nice performances in the CL. His performances in Greece are out of the question , the greek league is pathetic.


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Mar 6, 2003
++ fast enough , strong enough , good at personal marking and aerial challenges , young

-- he is the kind of player that often makes one crucial mistake during a match , a bit clumsy with the ball, his price is ridiculous , and just a personal opinion I hate his $#@!ing attitude cause he constantly seems a little $#@!y, arrogant
more Bonnucisss!!!! NOOOOOOOO

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Mar 28, 2006
I have watched Manolas a number of times as he plays in Olympiacos, which is the team I support in Greece. He was always considered a great talent, but since he came in Olympiacos (which is the only Greek team that plays normally in CL) he has greatly improved. He is still inconsistent, as he is rather young for a defender, that's why I don't feel very safe when he is paired with another not so experienced defender. When however he is paired with someone who can has some experience, he can do great things. Although he is still inconsistent, the improvement he has made in the last year, is unbelievable. From the matches against Manchester to the World Cup, he has been great. He is NOT a commanding defender (not for the moment at least, maybe in the future) but he has great physical characteristics and he also has a lot of what we call football intelligence.

He is a gamble. He continuously improves. Especially the last 10 months - a year have been incredible. He is still only 23 years old. If he can keep it like this, he will be world class one day. But can he? If we believe yes, then around 8 million would be a fair price.


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Dec 19, 2003
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    i have a simple question, which will hopefully solicit a simple answer, regardless of price, why do we want candreva?
    I guess we don't since Beppe said we're after a forward and a defender. :D

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    Mar 28, 2006
    Manolas is horrible, actually horrible is an understatment, just watch this terror movie of a video
    Just to give the whole picture about this. Some of these matches are from 4-5 years before. When he was 17-18 years old in an average AEK team. Also, from the video music, name and editing style, I can guess this video is made from a heartbroken AEK fan. Just to give a bit of context, Kostas Manolas is the nephew of the legendary AEK defender Stelios Manolas. And he preferred to leave AEK and get a transfer to Olympiacos.


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    May 9, 2014
    Candreva - Always liked this guy, one of my fav players but 23mils is too much. Maybe 18mil at the most. He's not world class (and u can't buy a wc player these days for under 30mil, unless he's in his thirties), but he's as close as u can get. Speed, dribble, crossing, long range shooting w/ both legs, work rate, proper mentality, plays as a winger and also as CM... Lot of qualities in this one.

    I know we need another kind of player(s), but this one is pretty good. He's not average Italian footballer, he's very good.


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    Jul 25, 2014
    Now they di vrij went to lazio, Ogbonna might not go to lazio. Jw, why didnt we try and sign di vrij as his price was 8-10 million, not too high, i mightve even considered selling bonucci and made a profit of around 10 million by selling him for 20.

    Also, why are there so many lukaku rumours, i think hes too good for the bench plus we have morata, why dont we spend that money on a good winger/am. Even jovetic would be a good signing, as he might be able to play in a 4-3-2-1/4-3-3/4-3-1-2.

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    Jul 12, 2002
    We had Candreva and we sent him away, so forget about breaking the bank to bring him back. We need a few of these frackin' Opti Pobas everyone is chipping about. We could land one of them for 50 bananas. FIGC assclowns.
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