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Moggi on crack
Apr 29, 2006
United might be running out of options. They have an unhappy player, who is underperforming (to say the least, especially considering MU valuation of him) and wants to join one of two(let's indulge and say three) clubs.
- Real M are not going to pay the asking price and if Jose returns they would pay exactly 0.
- Barcelona(the other possible option) is so far indebted they are about to implode even without this deal. Never mind their pursuit of Neymar.

-We are in a good spot comparatively. They need players like Can and Mandzukic, might want a Bernardeschi/DC or another midfielder too. MU would be getting(almost) the maximum value in a swap(of some kind), some EXTREMELY important players for them not to disappear from the radar and, most importantly, avoid rape by having less dependency on winter transfer targets. Add that MU will not be as cash rich in the future as they were/claim to be.


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Feb 27, 2011
Maybe but still, sending them Mandzukic and Can for Pogba is too one sided for us. I'm assuming cash would go the other way to sweeten the deal, but it's a little too unbelievable. And it's coming from Tuttosport, so...


Ertuğrul Oğlu Osman
Oct 20, 2004
They will never accept that. However, if we add Higuain's dick pic..

if someone asked me in the summer , definitely Higy out , but now ..HELL NO ...i start to believe that our good run in previous years CL was because of him ....

Higy (am really surprised about it , but ) untouchable tell the end of this season ...


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Feb 21, 2017
I think Matuidi should still play alongside Pogba and Pjanic as he runs a lot and helps piling pressure + he defends pretty well
But Pogba is better on the left central midfielf side. Maybe Matuidi can play on the right side, so he can cut inside and do a Robben?
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