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Apr 14, 2013
Agreed, however, they're not in a position to set demands. If they miss out on CL again (not to mention that even when they were in it, their performance was very bad) their star players will ask for transfers and they will have to build a team from scratch.I don't think anybody doubted the offer. It was pretty certain we won't sell him for 40mln. I believe we would only consider a sale for a figure of 60+.

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Some smartass did, wont name him, his name is too ugly to write. also look at the wording, they cant spend that much on a CB. There were negotiations going on, but Chelsea didnt give us what we wanted for him and Higgy. Youre right we wanted more, not sure if it was 60M though


Sep 4, 2006
Because we still have enough forwards.

Should offer Higuain for Kante.
Kante and Matuidi in same midfield and wouldn't matter if Allegri wants to play three forwards at the same time.

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Because he sucks.

Watch Sevilla game to witness his uber clutchness.
Yea if we had him would rather play him wide then CF.

Would much rather take Higuain back for CF


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Aug 10, 2018
It was very sad to see Morata leaving Juventus when he was (supposedly) forced to go back to Madrid. I remember how unhappy he looked in the bus after that Coppa final.

But now I wouldn't like to see him at Juventus. Back then he was a young and promising talent. Now he's one of many of those who didn't manage to get to the level they were supposed to.

Today's Morata has Higuain type of weak mentality (well, without the tantrum-related part), worse skills and instincts. There's no space for him in this squad.
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