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Sep 2, 2018
Those players are nothing special. If they played for Juve we‘d want them sold. Klopp even made Emre Can look good.
I know they aren't, I'm just saying the profile of players are different. They're all comfortable on the ball (far, far more than Matuidi and Khedira) and that goes without saying. Milner recorded the most assists in the CL last season. But anyway, my comment wasn't to say how good they were but to say that they are Klopp type players and are very effective at carrying out his gegen-press. Klopp wouldn't be able to do anything with a player like Khedira. And tbh even though those players are beneath the level Juve aspire to be, someone like Chamberlain would improve our midfield. That's how dire the state of affairs are.


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Sep 4, 2006
IMHO, Moggi was the best sporting director (or whatever the title is). At that time, we went for the best players and didn’t beat about the bush with overpaid also-rans. But then, we had an out-dated coach in Capello and in the late '90s, a pre-prime Ancelotti.
There also werent numerous billionaire clubs and mid table premier league sides with higher income than us. Ridiculous comparison.
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