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Sep 23, 2003
swag is a collection of source code and program examples for the PASCAL (!) programming language
swag is a country inn
swag is a magazine about cool stuff for cool people (no wonder I'm not a subscriber)
swag promotes social, economic and political self-determination and freedom for all women (in greater Victoria, Canada)
swag is a book by Elmore Leonard
swag is a DJ record label in Miami, FL
swag is a German auto parts manufacturer
swag is a "Scientific (yeah, right) Wild Ass Guess"
swag is the Star Wars Artists' Guild
swag is the Spoken Word Archive Group (oooh! how exciting... :eek: )
swag is used by radio announcers to describe free advertising products and prize give-aways
swag is stolen without a gun
swag is a statewide solution (in Arkansas, no less) to developing, managing, and distributing comprehensive geospatial data

...but the real swag is a style of curtain, or valance as it were -- as in Swag Valance: my Holiday Inn lounge singer moniker

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Dec 25, 2003
okay,i have etsted it for my real name Amr cuz Egyptian_Juventino isnt recognized ;)

here's the results:

amr is changing
amr is becoming an international technology :LOL:
amr is deployed world
amr is not
amr is fighting back to gain a starting spot on the usa national team :D :LOL:
amr is currently crunching his brain as a harvard medical school in boston
amr is a great point ;)
amr is great ;)
amr is unique among many amr codes because of its adaptability to a wide range of applications :D
amr is a difficult task
amr is the audio codec that is used in all gsm mobile phones


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Apr 22, 2003
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    I think some of you aren't understanding how this thing works. Of course some of your nicknames aren't going to be recognised.

    All it does is search the name that you type in google, then cut out fragments from pages.

    e.g. if a page has the text "there is a clown named graham, he has orange hair"

    , then this site would give you the phrase "graham, he has orange hair"
    Aug 1, 2003
    inzaghi is prothagonist of the day
    inzaghi is coming back
    inzaghi is convinced
    inzaghi is ready for perugia
    inzaghi is ac milan's in exchange for c
    inzaghi is prothagonist of the day dedicated to the research for cancer in which each goal worth 8 milion lire
    inzaghi is staying" 10 jul 2000 juventus's executive director has announced that filippo inzaghi is to stay in turin
    inzaghi is lazio's top euro
    inzaghi is conscious of it
    inzaghi is however not a car :howler:
    inzaghi is probably the best italian forward to play along side totti and vieri


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    Dec 25, 2003
    I know Graham,btw the extension ".amr" is very famous for mobile phones,thts y it has many to do with electronics in the search ;)
    Aug 1, 2003
    Now I'm trying Juve!

    juventus is italian champion
    juventus is the best team in the world'
    juventus is ready to fight
    juventus is the best
    juventus is the best club in italy posted by marwan on 09/26/2002
    juventus is not the best club in italy posted by nikola on 05/15/2002
    juventus is out
    juventus is wrapped in a cloud of mystery
    juventus is approved with lifetime breeding license by isr and oldenburg na his first us foal crop is now on the ground and show the same athletic promise as
    juventus is available on april 26th
    juventus is as good as any" 09 dec 2000 waiting to meet juventus on sunday night
    juventus is one of the world's most famous soccer clubs
    juventus is the most successful club in italy
    juventus is going to buy alan shearer from his club newcastle if they´re having a bad season this year
    juventus is interested in 18
    juventus is the small information magazine of jc
    juventus is following palmeiras' junior
    juventus is waiting for newcastle 30 09 2002 champions league is back at "delle alpi" stadium
    juventus is the official magazine of juventus football club
    juventus is one of the best clubs in the world
    juventus is the team who have won most scudetti
    juventus is a team from turin and is maybe the most popular soccer team in italy
    juventus is losing a bit of ground with inter and roma left to battle it out
    juventus is now back in with a good chance
    juventus is one of amateur choirs of latvia university
    juventus is playing another game at home as they lost the unique chance to win parma last week
    juventus is working with the cpru on its current project
    juventus is a text
    juventus is the world club champion
    juventus is without del piero
    juventus is strong with nedved and del peiro
    juventus is now a corporation
    juventus is a done deal first published
    juventus is back on first published
    juventus is remembered in turin with a mixture of bewilderment and regret
    juventus is than arsenal
    juventus is doing in italy's serie a league
    juventus is writing to you
    juventus is added
    juventus is juventus
    juventus is defeated by ca warriors 88 black
    juventus is surrounded by fans celebrating their team's serie a victory
    juventus is remembered in
    juventus is also awaiting the results over juventus
    juventus is aangetroffen
    juventus is op 17 september weer speelgerechtigd
    juventus is the second game on tuesday december 4th
    juventus is climbing again
    juventus is looking good
    juventus is my biggest
    juventus is from the latin word meaning 'young' neil
    juventus is the favourite for the role of 'secondo punto' who will play just behind the target man
    juventus is reported to have offered $18m for the promising striker
    juventus is a unique international selection process
    juventus is at the top of the serie a and at the top of the champions league too
    juventus is playing the 20
    juventus is add
    juventus is the favourite for the role of "secondo punto" who will play just behind the target man
    juventus is an important element for us in achieving this goal
    juventus is known as the "vecchia signora" or "old lady" of italian soccer
    juventus is hosting this week's prairie choral festival
    juventus is absolutely favorable
    juventus is a well known football team established in 1897 in torino
    juventus is clearly and strongly associated with juventus and thus juventus contends that
    juventus is nog onduidelijk
    juventus is until june 2004; on the field davids is known as ‘the piranha’ because he is quick and without mercy
    juventus is what made me known around the world
    juventus is daardoor met 7 punten uit 3 wedstrijd alleen leider in poule d
    juventus is one of those magic names that makes the game something so much more than just another european tie
    juventus is a "media company"
    juventus is bejelentkezett
    juventus is voor in groep e en inter milan gee die pas aan in groep d
    juventus is képviselteti magát egy kamionnal
    juventus is part of a super league of club websites by internet
    juventus is in very
    juventus is páholyba került
    juventus is optimized for ie 5
    juventus is winless in five consecutive league games including a 0
    juventus is the fidanzata d'italia
    juventus is a strong favorite over udinese in the latest betting at internet1x2 sportsbook
    juventus is one of the most strong team in the world
    juventus is
    juventus is the winner of the italian championship
    juventus is different to other italian clubs
    juventus is ebben az érettebb korosztályban nyerte vissza azt a néhány százalékot augusztusban
    juventus is opgericht in 1897 door jonge studenten


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    Dec 31, 2000
    martin is increasing dealerships but keeping its mystique
    martin is new acrl program officer
    martin is 'blessed
    martin is knighted by simone martini
    martin is knighted
    martin is one of the caribbean's most liked
    martin is a good
    martin is peter pan
    martin is "who's in" on er tv guide
    martin is appointed associate dean of arts and sciences
    martin is a hero
    martin is janet kyle on my wife and kids
    martin is well aware of the drumbeat of dissatisfaction
    martin is miss golf
    martin is chief financial officer for the u
    martin is a wildcat
    martin is a part of the family after years of playing just
    martin is cleared on murder count
    martin is professor of agricultural
    martin is killed in crash
    martin is a real
    martin is one of lynchburg
    martin is a south african musician
    martin is campaigning for on your behalf
    martin is a quiet contender
    martin is fast learner 11/26/00
    martin is eager to help the next generation of racers
    martin is appointed women's basketball coach
    martin is bashful
    martin is also the first
    martin is there to stay
    martin is on a roll
    martin is a real estate
    martin is back'' mail"
    martin is tactical
    martin is unlucky at love
    martin is sspc certified
    martin is a member of pdca
    martin is a great place for holiday vacation
    martin is looking for a few good
    martin is the only classic angler that fished first
    martin is a real estate agent in
    martin is
    martin is born
    martin is shy and charming
    martin is ready to cooperate with russia in
    martin is increasing dealerships but keeping its mystique intact eric mayne
    martin is new acrl visiting program officer
    martin is a vegetarian
    martin is a troll
    martin is the smallest island in the world ever to have been partitioned between two different nations
    martin is a good option times wire services nba notes
    martin is a good option times wire services
    martin is the antichrist
    martin is a hit with aol audience
    martin is now
    martin is inducted into
    martin is one of the most recognizable fishermen in fishing
    martin is the best
    martin is at alphasmart
    martin is tri
    martin is the sole survivor
    martin is a hero by john williams
    martin is also still recognizable from her five
    martin is well aware of the drumbeat of dissatisfaction by lynn henning / the detroit news ann arbor
    martin is miss golf by detroit news staff sarah martin of grosse ile was named miss golf by the michigan high school golf coaches association
    martin is a veteran of the us marine corps
    martin is a wildcat by greg biggins date
    martin is a part of the family after years of playing just a friend
    martin is cleared on murder count by richard alleyne
    martin is dubbed a knight
    martin is the lowest form of human life we have ever witnessed
    martin is professor of agricultural and resource economics at the university of california
    martin is killed in crash during practice run
    martin is so great
    martin is # l6 on radio and records charts this week
    martin is among the top 3 realtors in bennington
    martin is a quiet contender david poole and jim utter staff writers darlington
    martin is knighted simone martini
    martin is fast learner by brent maycock the capital
    martin is called to the ontario bar after graduating from the university of toronto law school
    martin is a rich college football venue by mfmoore
    martin is joy electric
    martin is appointed women's basketball coach tina martin
    martin is endorsed by law enforcement
    martin is also the first named author on another paper
    martin is there to stay if we continue to win and the
    martin is da l's dirtiest playa
    martin is first to reach semifinals
    martin is back'' mail"
    martin is making his move shawn a
    martin is also a contributing editor to matrix
    martin is tactical master by brian scott it could have been a master
    martin is unlucky at love posted by musicman on sunday
    martin is looking for a few good teachers
    martin is a real estate agent in bennington
    martin is speaker special report
    martin is a great musician with depth and feeling rarely found in any art form"
    martin is part of the university of tennessee system
    martin is vocally responsive
    martin is still dead
    martin is caught naked
    martin is soooooo gorgeous
    martin is freed
    martin is the senior partner at blm southampton
    martin is honored as a tribute to women & industry
    martin is one of the best instructors i've ever had
    martin is back
    martin is an attorney with 33 years experience in special education law and recognized as one of the nation's leading experts


    whatever.. :yawn:


    Sep 23, 2003
    ++ [ originally posted by Graham ] ++
    I think some of you aren't understanding how this thing works. Of course some of your nicknames aren't going to be recognised.
    And I missed a few classics:

    swag is available in two color choices (my skin color comes like the wine in Chicago: "We have red and we have white")
    swag is open or closed (what isn't?)
    swag is in no way approved by (never is)
    swag is a great tool for the beginner and experienced shooter alike
    swag is to obtain funding (no wonder why I'm at work today)
    swag is a must but if you want comfort and ease of use this swag is also for you (I need a pitchman!)
    swag is softened with green eucalyptus (gotta try that...)
    swag is the perfect worm farm for dog poo (Whoah! Not sure I want to try this though)
    swag is opened at the bottom (I'm not sure I'm ready to think about what this means)
    swag is done in chocolate and trimmed with nailheads (Am I about to be eaten by Hansel & Gretel?)
    swag is enclosed (no staples, please)
    swag is ideal for hot humid conditions whilst also keeping you warm when it's cold (and I stay crunchy in milk)
    swag is about 7" (speak for yourself)
    swag is approximately 36" long (now that's more like it)
    swag is 32" long (depends on the weather)
    swag is made from rocky mountain foliage (give me plenty of sunlight and lots of water)
    swag is considered to be a live or die camping accessory (but I don't pack light)
    swag is lined with white polyester/cotton (beats the burlap I used to come with)
    swag is a non political group of concerned local residents and small business owners who have joined together to oppose windfarms on the isle of skye (I hate wind)
    swag is rolled and fastened with straps (you don't want to see me come undone)
    swag is finished (evil villians tell me that all the time)
    swag is a bi (I beg your pardon, leave my sexual orientation outta this)
    swag is lush and full (and I have a healthy, shiny coat)
    swag is made of long lasting noble fir with princess pine cone accents (use me as a bathroom deodorizer)
    swag is twice as full and thick as the regular swag commonly available for home purchase (I gotta pay my ex-girlfriend for that one)
    swag is filled (strawberry preserves, usually)


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    May 14, 2003
    ana is definitely for you
    ana is the sole connection between mbc and the americas
    ana is the ninth largest city in california
    ana is charming
    ana is working on the next generation of its computer reservations system
    ana is adopting a new pricing strategy for domestic tickets and stressing quality services and competitive fares on international
    ana is negative
    ana is actually a carpetbagger yankee who came south
    ana is a free
    ana is only test and like a high cholesterol value
    ana is liable to the shipper
    ana issues the ticket or miscellaneous charges order;
    ana is a weak tropical storm with 45 mph maximum sustained winds :LOL:
    ana is intelligent :eek:


    Inferiority complex
    Nov 16, 2003
    ++ [ originally posted by Sidz-Inzaghi ] ++
    the goggle doesnt know me
    Try google instead...maybe they know you better than goggles. :lazy:

    Google does not know enough about Incuborossonero. Well Google ask some posters they seem to have me figured out. :sleepy:


    nick is a ***** at the new nubian nation :confused:

    nick is an idiot :(

    nick is beelzebub's bastard
    nick is a queer :heart:
    nick is a fag :groan:
    nick is ninja master :cool:
    nick is a ***** :wth:
    nick is alex's younger brother :shocked:
    nick is scary :nasty:
    nick is the bomb :stuckup:
    nick is a gay fag messin with the wrong ppl :cheesy: :sigh: :scared:
    nick is the prankster of the group and is notorious for playing practical jokes on the other backstreet boys and aaron :cheesy:
    nick is sexy :cheesy:
    nick is the sexiest man in the world :cheesy:
    nick is so hot :cheesy:
    nick is a ref :shocked:

    nick is not one of us ....."AMEN" :thumb:


    Minimiliano Tristelli
    Mar 6, 2003
    arturo is bored now (kind of )
    arturo is simply irresistible
    arturo is the warden at a prison where wade's double and remy are being held (jajaja what da?)
    arturo is the sheriff of san francisco
    arturo is married to a lady named christina fox( yeah,,, yeah that ***** (???) )
    arturo is most well
    arturo is 10 years old and will be starting middle school this fall (oh sorry, wrong arturo here)
    arturo is hungry (indeed i am!!)

    arturo is simply one of the most amazing trumpeters i have ever heard( :LOL: )
    arturo is the son of an italian (no im not.. but ill go to italy someday)
    arturo is one of kentucky's most original
    arturo is taking out the recently baked brownies from one of the kitchens ovens
    arturo is positive for any age
    arturo is that quinn must be mocking him
    arturo is unloaded at rome airport (not yet ;) )
    arturo is malice and malignity on epic proportions ( Sauron anyone? :LOL: )
    arturo is having with his fiery timbales solo ( Tito Puentes eat this :D )
    arturo is probably one of the closest friends of the ramones and as we fans know ( :LOL: jaJAJAJAJJ)
    arturo is dead because of her (Monica, oh! MOnica!! :D )
    arturo is one of the most acclaimed jazz trumpet players in the word (man i can do a band now!! :D )
    arturo is niet zo maar een duiklamp; het is een compleet all ( ??? )
    arturo is always handy with the pepsi (and with Britney! share the dream! :D )
    arturo is invited friday night to visit the "little italy" to meet with many long
    ( i definitely was an italian in my past life :D )
    arturo is destined to be regarded as a true musical giant ( I play the thrumpet, the timbales , jazz master.... how i cannot be a musical genius ;) ? )
    arturo is back (haha yeah!)

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