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Apr 22, 2003
Ask Googlism

graham is an affiliate of harvard :D
graham is the first modern apprentice in rugby league :cool:
graham is not a cracker
graham is elton john :undecide:
graham is a christian :eek:
graham is miss april 2002 :drool:
graham is director in scotland county
graham is a great deceiver :devil:
graham is 80 :totti:
graham is resurrected in washington :wth:
graham is nude :lick:
graham is an arsenal fan :fero:
graham is content to limit his job description to preaching :eek:
graham is gay :lazy:
graham is a confessed killer :boxing:
graham is an android :geek:


Please don't post the whole list that it spits out, I chose about 15 out of 200

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Jul 17, 2002
majed is a 21 :D
majed is banned from leaving gaza in the wake of a new and even more restrictive closure orderd by the israeli authorities in :wth:
majed is due to be released in october :howler:
majed is the most remarkable man i've met in this business :strong:
majed is the resident geek up in berkeley :geek:
majed is a suspect in the attack against the pentagon :scared: :dazed:
majed is so generous :cool:
majed is a diligent photographer
majed is currently the conference director responsible for managing industrial
majed is known for his jobs at the george washington bar and other cafees in aarhus
majed is a principal engineer in the safety and reliability group at era
majed is a palestinian doctor living in west bank
majed is working on establishing goals and guidelines to help verify our effectiveness in committee reviews of code changes
majed is an extraordinary entrant
majed is one of the horses that has caused ginger mccain to spit blood this week as this decent
majed is a former graduate from the engineering dept from jordan university
majed is the best of my runners


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Jan 9, 2004
google is that?
google is three
google is a user?s best friend
google is tops for work time searches
google is still spidering and caching my old server
google is goood
google is urged to go public
google is the real winner in its own
google is the world's favorite search engine
google is your friend
google is the most popular search
google is faaasst
google is one of the best search
google is gong bezerk
google is out of beta
google is featuring the google
google is $deity
google is so cool
google is here
google is the best"
google is dancing
google is lief
google is watching you"
google is at it again
google is first time our top referer
google is microsoft ?
google is #1 search
google is a powerful weapon indeed
google is thinking
google is anti
google is 'feeling lucky'
google is excluding knife advertising
google is having a programming contest
google is the greatest? at news
google is 'feeling lucky' the googleplex
google is
google is so popular
google is decentralizing
google is that? om malik
google is able to process search queries at speeds superior to traditional search engines
google is proud of their advantage
google is three times bigger than the experts think
google is a user?s best friend by john mccormick special to gcn every web user should know how to exploit the features of the powerful google
google is your family
google is not an anomaly
google is tops for work time searches by abigail waraker
google is my other memory

there is more ....... the one i did for "vicky" i stopped reading right after the second like where it saidi 'm 9 months old

good one Graham :thumb:


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Nov 16, 2003
Who is Don Bes?!


don is so hott

don is pathetic

don is so lovable
don is a skank
don is confused

don is a great guy

don is pathetic i am sorry

don is an enigma

don is getting very popular on this forum

don is completing two more books
don is still playing and is still on the road

don is toast of the coast
don is behind his desk holding a small dog

don is more contemplative lately


bes is also locally intelligent

bes is totally non

bes is growing rapidly

bes is a giant to me
bes is the egyptian dwarf


Don Bes is a Giant Egyptian Dwarf holding a small dog and also happens to be a locally intelligent damn hot pathetic skank :cheesy:


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Apr 3, 2003
lilianna is smiling down at mommy and daddy til you meet her up in heaven :yuck:
lilianna is a former barbados and caribbean junior champion who returns to the national senior team after a few injury problems last year :confused:
lilianna is 5 yrs-hm....17 actually! :D
lilianna is the main character in my jacob/lilianna saga :rolleyes:
lilianna is beautifully talented :extatic:
lilianna is a god send ;)
lilianna is the receptionist that i share with the gallery ;)
lilianna is his mother-who's??
lilianna is a psychic/therapist/counselor who will guide you in all areas of your life :) have it in mind ppl!!! :D
lilianna is old enough for college-yeah...5 yrs old! :LOL::LOL:

how can i be 5 yrs and also ready for college???

btw,gray,very funny thing on google!


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Apr 3, 2003
gianluigi is to purity of fruit and expression of his land
gianluigi is to
gianluigi is one of the masters of soft
gianluigi is a manic player
gianluigi is clearly the super greg of southern tuscany
gianluigi is also a first team regular for italy and participated in the 2002 world cup :thumb:
gianluigi is the current goalkeeper with italian side parma-he WAS
gianluigi is sound
gianluigi is president of the club
gianluigi is our fly fishing specialist
gianluigi is convinced that the mkes are outside the limit
gianluigi is working on internships this semester
gianluigi is on the left
gianluigi is right but there is more
gianluigi is one of the most manic players on the circuit


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Apr 3, 2003
for the name pavel,many results were on.

but i'll just post you the most interesting:

pavel is a wonderful talent
pavel is the best player
pavel is still very strong and muscular
pavel is especially renowned for his dynamic and sympathetic close
pavel is a fascinating person
pavel is from the czech republic; i am from the united states
pavel is more of an idolization
pavel is 64 years old :LOL:
pavel is the author of all the texts
pavel is a fat idiot :LOL::LOL:
pavel is the best
pavel is a talented player
pavel is the man
pavel is a strikingly good


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Feb 25, 2004
ahead is important:cool:
ahead is clogged
ahead is clogged by rubbish:down:
ahead is like the road behind
ahead is a people to people experience
ahead is water:angel:
ahead is key to marrying outdoors
ahead is further congressional action likely
ahead is in the air:angel:
ahead is make
ahead is vital:eek:
ahead is arduous
ahead is offering 12 free issues to.. what r they:confused:
ahead is a review etiology
ahead is blocked.. no way
ahead is key to ben's 300th birthday
ahead is paved with lawyers
ahead is use of technology and knowledge
ahead is in contact with
ahead is a management and
ahead is a fork in the road
ahead is
ahead is long
ahead is essential
ahead is just around the corner" by dr
ahead is not clear
ahead is to stay slim for
ahead is clogged by rubbish litter
ahead is probably uphill newsday
ahead is probably uphill
ahead is a people to people experience"
ahead is organising a conference on dyslexia on 25th november
ahead is an independent non
ahead is anyone's guess
ahead is blank
ahead is empty
ahead is in the air but the day is sunny and
ahead is vital"
ahead is rich and alluring by harsha bhogle
ahead is a modern game that is challenging and addictive
ahead is offering 12 free issues to their monthly newspaper
ahead is offering 12 free issues to their monthly
ahead is a review of etiology
ahead is tough
ahead is paved with lawyers may 18
ahead is key to making semiconductors
ahead is key to marrying outdoors for julia wright
ahead is a growth business
ahead is a growing company
ahead is use of technology and knowledge to meet human needs
ahead is a northern virginia based company specializing in presenting and promoting musical events which curently include the millennium groove
ahead is easier than recovering identifying deadlocks is not too difficult—after all
ahead is an indispensable reference
ahead is when he
ahead is his 3rd long series after the first one which is legend of dou and then uda uda yatteru hima wa ne
ahead is one of those films
ahead is the proud winner of a 1999 emmy wowo
ahead is a management and technology consulting organization
ahead is essential reading for people flooded with information yet filled with confusion
ahead is a structured drug and alcohol relapse prevention program for women only
ahead is a coordinated effort that allows children and families the opportunity to reach their full potential
ahead is quite different and
ahead is coming to know this fascinating man
ahead is the sequel to duane elgin's bestselling 1981 classic
ahead is getting started
ahead is sea gal boutique and gift shop
ahead is a binary processed super whey protein that is cross filtered/ion exchanged to yield the finest
ahead is wrong for dump
ahead is rallying call for spencer by brian scott little john spencer has known many better seasons than this one
ahead is produced by ipsea
ahead is long by viet ha
ahead is also supported by 40 friends of ahead who believe in its cause and are prepared to extend a helping hand when they are called upon
ahead is the animal health/emerging animal diseases project of the federation of american scientists
ahead is the first computer program to combine the power of interactive multimedia with the scientifically tested methods of cognitive therapy
ahead is a joint project run by the brain injury services of the children's hospital at westmead and sydney children's hospital at randwick
ahead is an invaluable strategy guide for executive managers across all business sectors and a blueprint for competing in the new world arena
ahead is a collaboration between the wilder foundation’s community assistance program
ahead is an association based in the french city of grenoble
ahead is enabled
ahead is erie avenue
ahead is just around the corner"
ahead is not clear could you song is found in these titles
ahead is lasting recovery
ahead is recommended for vehicle traffic
ahead is dedicated to remaining at the top of the cd
ahead is to stay slim for titan
ahead is a partnership
ahead is actual half
ahead is excitingly on the mark
ahead is a year
ahead is a popular site and 24hour
ahead is a newly formed band whose members came together to express their enthusiasm for traditional bluegrass
ahead is empty it's paved with miles of the unknown whatever seems to be your destination take life the way it comes
ahead is a very small group
ahead is a comprehensive program that provides services to families and child care providers of young children
ahead is a popular rock
ahead is to look back date
ahead is especially important.. to some people .. yes
ahead is farmer rd.. haha

long list, eh ?
Aug 27, 2003
omg this is seriously hillarious! graham where do u find these sites..lool..


hot and all ( cant deny that :p )

a frickin' psychotic ***** that thinks she's the greatest person in the universe:eek:

so beautiful..( not beatiful ..so beatiful :p )

a charming and cheerful beauty from the czech republic got everything correct but i dont live in cezch republic

funny as hell ( yeaah i know i know ..lool)

my favorite:the most beloved of qadhafi's children and has a close relationship with him :rofl:

is soooo cool

is funny

is a biochemistry graduate with 7 years of scientific research experience in the uk

is a gift of all gifts....

is a proof that a woman can be far more learned than men and that she can be the teacher of scholars and experts ...(oooh my! loool..)

is a most beautiful and angelic creative presence who can often be heard as pure tones of spiritual radiance

is a very angelic presence

is one determined little girl:confused:

is not yet legally free :dazed: whats that suppose to mean

is a great person ..( :p i know i am )


f(s+1)=3((s +1)-1=3s
Jul 12, 2002
torkel is stopped
torkel is no more
torkel is the joms vikings chief who came to england in 1009
torkel is grinding his teeth in all this
torkel is writing about
torkel is adverting to the fact that all pi_0_1 statements are known to be equivalent to some statement of the form
torkel is the other one
torkel is

That's all it knew about me.


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Apr 22, 2003
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    ++ [ originally posted by ahead ] ++
    long list, eh ?
    No actually, most people get a huge list, but most people edited them

    ++ [ originally posted by Graham ] ++
    Please don't post the whole list that it spits out

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