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Sep 4, 2006
"Aside from him being considered a person of interest in the rice cookers scare and his legal troubles in NYC, Logan County officials say Griffin has a history of criminal activity and was arrested at least three times within the past eight years, with charges stemming from possession of a controlled substance involving weapons to the use of obscene material to seduce a minor."

Drug addict, pedophile fuck. Gangly ass muppet looking bitch. Oh but sorry he's not being called a suspect." Oh yes sure, I too frequently walk around with shopping carts filled with motherfucking rice cookers on the goddamn 2 train like a crackhead dick sucking redneck bitch. I hope he gets hit by a dollar van on Flatbush avenue on a humid 96 degree day and his ass has to stay on that pavement.
I too feel the strongest of hatreds for anyone who dare disturb my commute. This town has some sort of annual parade for purple heart awarded vets and always during my drive home. selfish POS :disagree:

Anyway i may have gotten myself in a jam at my new job. So I was listening to Howard Stern on my way to work and he was talking about Van Halen. During the segment about Van Halen he was playing with a soundboard and the soundboard was some very Asain sounding girl that said three things: "hihihihihihi" .... "you have big penis?" and "hhihihihi I love cock" over and over again.

Anyway in the office i work in it is entirely men except one tiny asian girl. She is pretty cool, kind of sexy and always laughs at everything anyone says. i was discussing the segment i had heard on the radio with coworkers, one thing lead to another and soon when that girl walked past my coworkers were doing an imitation asian girl voice and saying "hihihihihi" or "you have big penis?" Not loud enough for her to hear but still.

I think i may have created a hostile work environment in my 3rd week on the job.
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Jul 12, 2011
In Yellowknife atm for a training. Sooo much better looking than Iqaluit. I should've come here instead. They got fucking trees! And groceries seem a lot cheaper, and they got a walmart and costco

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