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Sep 4, 2006
The entire ordeal is just bollocks. If it rains everything gets wet and you need to put up your tent which is already drenched regardless of how fast you work. Then you need to build a fire to stay warm and dry out your things. Basically the first half of the day passes with trying to ruin everything and then you spend the other half trying to fix it. Before you lay down and have the worst sleep of your life. Never doing this again - bare minimum is a small hut or cabin in the future.

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did you not look up the weather before you went out?

do you jump in the pool with your phone still in your pocket and complain that swimming sucks too?


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Feb 21, 2017
The government first said that there's a threat of terrorist attacks, asked all the tourists to leave, imposed curfew on the state and shut down all internet access and almost all TV channels. They basically placed all political leaders under house arrest, increased military presence and then made the announcement of scrapping 370. The curfew was relaxed for Eid but then tightened again towards early evening. According to the state's police, it has been mostly peaceful apart from a few random incidents. The state is basically under lockdown, so the worst is yet to come IMO. Our local news has sadly become a mouthpiece of the government the past few years. I'd probably trust the international media to do a better job tbh.
Thanks for answering.

So let‘s hope your concerns doesn‘t become true and it stays peaceful..

In which part of India do you live?


Apr 22, 2008
Is this some hottie? Show photos please. :klin:
no man Virgil is a black dude who is the founder of Off White the brand. and he used to be the creative director of Kanye West :D

but there will be chicks and models for sure :)
beside also the freak show of trans and gays. this industry is full of strange stuff.

i would like to see Gigi Hadid from the celeb models though.
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Jun 17, 2011
That's just muten roshi trying to catch piccolo
"Aside from him being considered a person of interest in the rice cookers scare and his legal troubles in NYC, Logan County officials say Griffin has a history of criminal activity and was arrested at least three times within the past eight years, with charges stemming from possession of a controlled substance involving weapons to the use of obscene material to seduce a minor."

Drug addict, pedophile fuck. Gangly ass muppet looking bitch. Oh but sorry he's not being called a suspect." Oh yes sure, I too frequently walk around with shopping carts filled with motherfucking rice cookers on the goddamn 2 train like a crackhead dick sucking redneck bitch. I hope he gets hit by a dollar van on Flatbush avenue on a humid 96 degree day and his ass has to stay on that pavement.

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