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Nov 25, 2005
For the first time since 2001 there will be no italian team in the quarters of european competitions.

Meanwhile 6 out of 7 spanish teams are still going, and the only one that went out was eliminated by another spanish team.

La Liga teams' success is astonishing. They're doing better than Serie A of the 90s.


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Aug 31, 2015
I think next season will be most important for 4th spot since EPL will represent teams like Leicester\Spurs\ maybe WH and so on, Italy will have strongest teams atm Juve\Napoli\Roma Fio\Milan\Inter and with right transfers during the summer all Italian teams can go very far


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Jul 10, 2009
...and most people still think EPL is the best league in the world :lol:
Not you as well. It's just PL. Not EPL. Just PL.

You don't call it the Spanish La Liga, French Ligue 1 or Italian Serie A do you?

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:lol: it's mind boggling.

La Liga is light years ahead of everyone at the moment.
Sadly £PL£ is more likely to catch up than Italian Serie A.


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Apr 25, 2013
ManUtd as of now, what other teams qualify aside from their fifth place?
Leicester is the only problem England will have in Europe next season.

If Tot'num finishes third, they'll do the same thing they're doing in the EL. They aren't bad enough to finish 4th. More chance of them finishing 2nd.

United likely will have a much better team next season and will go very deep in the tournament. They can make up for Leicester's shortcomings.

Overall, I don't see England doing worse than now.

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