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Who is a better striker than Trez?

  • Shevchenko

  • Crespo

  • Ibrahimovic :lazy:

  • Drogba

  • Morientes

  • Cavenaghi

  • Gilardino

  • Chevanton

  • Saviola

  • Di Vaio :eek::P

  • Vieri

  • Ruud

  • Mutu

  • Kluivert

  • Gudjohnsen

  • Luque

  • Diego Tristan

  • Elber

  • Jardel :P:P:P

  • Heskey :dielaugh:

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Dec 31, 2000
A poll in honor of our much beleaguered targetman.. ;):D

Which of these guys do you consider better than Trez? It's multiple choice so vote for as many as you want!

At the end we'll see how many people of those who voted think each candidate would outperform Trezzy at Juve with the setup we have.

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Dec 16, 2003
Kluivert= since Long time i wanted to see him wearing Black N White Jersey!
Gilardino= mmm u all talk about him as great promisin striker , so what the hell lets get hiiiim Now!

sheva, crespo, elber, ruud, saviola, morientes ... i guess they are all great strikers But Not my Tyrpe ....

Mutu= arghhh this romanian bastard i Hate Himmmmm till death !
Heskey= not good for nuthin !
Jardel, Tristan , Luque , Gudjohnsen , chevanton , cavenaghi ,Drogba , Ibrahimovic = Not Enough 4 black n white , and aint that good replacement for our trezegoal !


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Jul 30, 2003
If you put Shevchenko there, why dont you put Ronaldo and henry as well?

anyway i will only vote those 3 that can do better job than Trezeguet at our current setup.. the rest could only bring the same result if not worse...;)


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Aug 14, 2002
None. Trez is the ideal striker in Juve's current set-up, and I believe no other player would do a better job than him if they were i his shoes.:cool:
Aug 1, 2003
lol I only voted for Sheva.

Quite surprised though, SEVEN votes for Gilardino? On what grounds? It's been his first real season (though he had major potential way back), but he wasn't under as much pressure as Trez for playing such a big club like Juventus, plus Trez is a foreigner in Serie A. Although the french succeeds in Italy, one must admire the will it takes to survive in Serie A.


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Apr 24, 2003
I dont think Morientes will be the answer, neither Cavenaghi (he is too inexperienced in my opinion)

Maybe Gilardino would be a good option because he has played in the Italian League already

If van Nistelrooy was cheap, I'd go for him, but this season he hasnt scored that many goals!

My vote goes to Ibrahimovic


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Jul 14, 2002
I'm sorry, but all of those players bar Cavenaghi, Di Vaio, Kluivert, Luque (he's a better player but not a better striker), Tristan, Elber, Jardel and Heskey are better than Trezeguet imo.


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Jul 12, 2002
With the setup we have now, only a few of these players will do better than Trez. And Zlatan certainly isn't one of them. :stuckup:

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