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Jul 6, 2004
Cannavaro said in an interview tha he loves to be at Juventus,He gets along with everybody especialy Thuram :thumb:. He also said that in the new club and under a new coach,he is felling like a youngster again and he said that he talked with Thuram about that and he is of the same opinon. :thumb:

So can Thuram-Cannavaro play for another 4-5 years.? I say yes. They won't be the fastest in Italy, but then they will konw each other even better and both have almost as much talent as Maldini and Maldini is still one ob the best defenders in Europe at the age of 37-38.

So it looks like we don't need to wory about defenders,after a year or two we just need 2 young defenders that will gradually become in our first 11 and will learn from the best CB parring in the world Cannavaro-Thuram

Many will say that Nesta-Maldini is better,but I think that the talent is pretty much equal, but Cannavaro-Thuram are also best of buds off the court :thumb: . They have something magical in them, with each other they play
as they were once again youngsters wanting just to play and nothing more, but they have also experience.

Now for my question. How lon do you think we can have a CB duo of Cannavaro-Thuram?

- 6 months (Somone will have a carrer ending injury)
- 1 year
- 2 years
- 3 years
- 4 years
- 5 years and more

I think 4 years. But we will have the best defence in Europe in those 4 years.

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Aug 26, 2003
i like how Cannavaro, Thuram and Buffon give each other the hand if they clean up a hot situation!! it seems they understand each other so perfect and everyone works for each other!



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Jul 28, 2002
one, canna and thuram will slowly start dropping form, hopefully by then we will have some top youth quality at the back....

but otherwise, 2.

- vOnAm -

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Jul 22, 2004
3 years at most. Really cant see them going past that mark. I mean Juve should already have a young spectacular central defender by then. The two then should play the role of the veteran teachers.

Love them now though! great parma trident 4 defence! hehehe


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Nov 2, 2003
I think 2 years at maximum.
Canna is quite small, he can compensate it with he's tremendous jumping abilities, but when he loses it, he will be half a player as now he is.

but till then, they are rock solid


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Dec 25, 2003
2 years then both will get kicked out cuz of old age (like milan) and we will buy campbell + L. King of england :)


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May 1, 2004
Canna-Thuram rock!! They will last 4 more years. Thuram will be the first to drop off.

Plan for the future: in a couple of years time we should have a promosing young CB if so switch Thuram back to the right and have Canna and the new fast young dude come in to the centre. Zambro will still be strong on the left. Perfect!!!

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