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Jul 12, 2002
What i've seen over the last few weeks has confirmed what i've suspected all along.this team bases everything on its defence-in attack we play like a team without a cause.we have no definite aim or purpose in the offense and attempts at the opposition attack are lacklustre,if not half-hearted.

There is no focus in attack.We lack Roma's directness or the two Milanese clubs' potency in offense.The whole attack seems lost at sea every time we venture forward and although we crowd the opposing half with players we don't seem dangerous whatsoever.Indeed Fiorentina,Messina,Bayern,Ajax and a handful of our previous opponents always seem so much more lethal and potent in attack.

Take a look at how Roma play and you'll get what i mean.They rarely have more than four players(as opposed to our 6 or 7) in the vincinty of the box but always look threatening,forever keeping the defenders on their toes and condemning the centrebacks to retreat into sweeper roles,forcing the midfielders to push back as well to help in defense.Inter attack,on the other hand,in small but distinct waves,unfathomable and disruptive to the fixed man-marking set by the opposing coach.You can never tell where the attack will come from,because Martins and Adriano nearly always run back to switch play to the opposing flank,pass to the centre or act as wingers themselves.

What we need is dynamism and a constant yet unpredictable gameplan.What i have seen so far is just neat passing and patient buildup coupled with a lot of luck.All due respect to Don Fabio and the lads,but we've scored more than we deserved.The statistics here are as flattering as they come and our problems will be exposed sooner or later.

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Dec 16, 2003
I think i got your point Des, but you should also know that Juve are focusing more on the defence, i know that there is no focus in juve's attack, because we play little bit diffrenet from other teams, we like to keep our sheet clean, although i'd prefer attackin sometimes, but yeah your right this team needs something, maybe by time we'll add more power in attack, so i think it's about time.


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Apr 22, 2003
++ [ originally posted by Qaterminator ] ++
Why is everyone forgetting Trezeguet?
He can spice up the attack
He's injured, and anyway he's not the type of player who can take the game by the scruff of its neck and pull the team over the line. If the team players badly, Trezeguet is invisible.

++ [ originally posted by Martin ] ++
Way to reply to a follw up to a well thought out post :p;)
you can't win 'em all ;)


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Jun 9, 2003
I agree with you Des, we need a central point of our team, a real playmaker, and I dont mean Nedved. Someone that gets the ball and knows what to do with it, where, when and how to distribute it. Someone like Zizou, or Aimar or Ronaldinho.


Sep 23, 2003
There are definite flaws and some real areas of concerns should we meet in tight, meaningful matches. But I also wouldn't trade situations with those of Inter, Milan, Roma, or Lazio right now. And that says something at least. Hopefully not just, "We've got problems, but not as bad as theirs."


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Sep 21, 2002
In the first games Juve tried to get into the area more from the center than from the wings. Now it's the other way around.
Juve is trying too much to break the defence from the wings, and sometimes it lookes purposeless.
When we had Zebina in our first games, we could have done our moves in the center, and then pass the ball sideways to Zebina to finish the move (example: the goal against Brescia). He reads the game very well.
Now Camoranesi and Zambrotta are trying too many crosses, and the ball goes to them very early, so it ruins a lot of attacks.

We also ruin a lot of attacks by too many long balls. We did get 2 goals against Chievo and Bayern, but still I find that inefficient. Usually the other team gets a foul after Zlatan Ibrahimovic is pushing because he wants to take control of the long balls

I don't think it's the lack of talent in the squad as Zlatan is claiming. I think it's our way of play that makes some moves look purposeless


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Oct 30, 2001
Can't put my finger on it, he just irritates the hell outta me. Very dynamic player though. Gets the ball and makes things happen, with wondrous skill to boot.

Perhaps its because he's doing better than my baby Pablito ;)


The DJ
Oct 30, 2001
1. Definitely, though I think its probably not his skill but the fact that he's so physically strong. He can easily ride three or four challenges and can out-muscle all but the strongest centre halves. Aimar is never gonna have that kinda ability so its always gonna be harder for him. He should move imo, although to be fair claudio doesn't look set to last that long the way things are going.

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