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Mar 30, 2003
++ [ originally posted by nosubstitute959 ] ++
Ohhhhh...........crying already??

Yes, RVN has scored from outside the box Mr. know-it-all. I'd like to remind u of the goal last season when he dribbled the entire team and placed it beautifully to the keeper's left.

Becks, I agree about..........I don't like him at all. But Cantona, what r u thinking!!

So, ur verdict is Makaay is better. Fine with me, but don't come attacking people personally just because they think otherwise.
:LOL: there was nothing special abought that goal. Not one player came to him and it was only abought 5 or six players that he ran past not the whole team. plus the defence sucked. you are overrating this goal too much. Henrys was 10 times better he ran from nearlly inside his own box and did actually take it around some players.

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