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Jul 17, 2002
Forza Pippo....He wasn't Serie Top Scorer for nothing....
u all act as if its weird that he's scoring!!
He always has, but u know pippo, when he has a bad day, he really has a bad day.


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Jan 12, 2002
Filippo Inzaghi's two goals for Milan against Lens in the Champions League yesterday has put the striker just two short of Alessandro Altobelli's Italian record of 39 goals in European competition.

"I've reached 37 strikes, but my real dream is not the European top scorer list, but a Milan final win in the Champions League," he told the club's official site.


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Dec 31, 2000
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    CL Reaction: Muller, "Inzaghi Was Unstoppable"

    Lens coach Joël Muller was surprisingly composed following his side's opening round defeat at the San Siro this evening. However, he
    did not hide his viewpoint that the two goals from Inzaghi in the space of 5 minutes had completely turned the game on its head.

    "We weren't afraid of Milan. But we knew that they were a strong side and they were playing an attacking lineup. We adjusted accordingly and were well organised, but to concede two goals inside four minutes just destroyed all our plans."

    Muller was also one of the several individuals across Europe who recognized and paid tribute to Filippo Inzaghi tonight. "Organisation is obviously important in a game, but talent is what wins you games and Inzaghi looked unstoppable today," he said.

    Wise words that Perugia's Serse Cosmi and Depor's Javier Irureta would have heard for they are next on Inzaghi's hitlist.



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    Feb 18, 2001
    Pippo is on fire!!! :cheesy: And I'm really happy for him! I think he's changed though. He has another attitude in Milan. He really does celebrate the goals with other players, something he didn't do in Juve, although it never bothered me. I can only hope he'll keep on scoring like that, especially against Lazio in less then two weeks, cause a certain fan will be there cheering him up! :D


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    Sep 2, 2002
    my fave moment against lens was when he couldn't get his shirt fixed up actually... bahahah :D

    i talk to the tv, and i told him that'd happen. he just chose not to listen ;)

    "YEAAAAHHHH! FORZA PIPPO! no, don't take off your shirt, you won't get it back on... fine, take it off then..."

    maybe one day we can all get together and laugh at each other's watching habits *^^*

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