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Ford Prefect

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May 28, 2009
Not worth the premium over the beers you guys are talking shit on, imo. I respect cheap and watered down beer because it doesn't pretend to be something it's not and gets the job done, for the common folk and the rich as well. But beers like Peroni and Stella are just hype.

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I'll attempt to try it this summer.
It's funny this, Stella has/had a fairly poor reputation in the uk due to the people that drink it, peroni is expensive but I'm not too keen on it. From a Pilsner perspective, the best mass produced one is probably kronenbourg, by which I mean consistently not awful. Ale is where it's at, so many unique and amazing ales out there.


Mar 6, 2007
Beer is beer.. all of 'em (no, not the dark ones, those are shite) are drinkable. Some are better than the other, but still they are all drinkable. :agree:

People wan't to pretend that they actually know something about beers, they want to drink this and that beer 'cause it costs 3€/bottle, but not this and that beer since it's "only" 2€/bottle. Believe me, I fucking know people who really think they are something and that for they "can't" drink "normal" beer which is perfectly good.

I like Urquell for instance, but I wouldn't drink 24 bottles of it. It only tastes really good during the first pint/bottle, but after that it's pretty much meh. And it costs way more than just some normal beer like Foster's.
If I just want to get smashed then yeah :D


Sep 29, 2008
Is that Maisel's Weisse some wheat beer? Not a big fan of those.. got wasted one time in Berlin with wheat beer, wasn't really that good and I try to avoid 'em nowadays.


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Jul 13, 2013
I guess that's the one they serve at the Hofbräuhaus too? Not too bad, though it doesn't really offer any distinctive taste imo (not that I'm an expert on beer).

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