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Oct 10, 2006
How risky are we talking if a Juve fan were to go to an away game?

Has anyone ever been? Can I still wear my shirt on the way to the stadium? I know these are very n00bish questions, but I'm just wondering what are the proper do's and don'ts for an away match whether it's in Rome, Sicily, Florence, or Milan for example.
I personally would not ru around on my own or in a very small group dressed in Juve colours in another Italian city at the occasion of an away game. You are surely aware of the fact that Juve is the most hated team in Italy. So, when in bianconero, stay close to the group, use official routes and if something happens then, well, at least there will be police trying to calm everything down ;).

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May 22, 2009
Do listicket release all the the general ticketsvat once on monday. If so i think i am screwed for the catania game.
There's a good chance there will be more on sale today. Your best bet would be to check starting either 10.00CET or 16.00CET. As usually with Listicket, you should keep trying. One minute you may not find anything, the next you'll find 4 seats.

I bought tickets myself yesterday. Checked at 10.05, was able to select what I wanted. But at that time, I wasn't sure I'd be able to go, so I cancelled the order. Looked around to see if there were reasonable flights, found one & decided to make the trip. Must have been around 10.15, no more tickets available on Listicket. Kept playing around with the site, 5 or 10 minutes later, I was able to purchase them.
I have also read about someone purchasing a (single) ticket on Listicket yesterday as late as 20.00CET.

The system (still) sucks, but the game is, right now, NOT sold out.


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Apr 14, 2005
Seems like theres a few of us going over for the Catania game, where abouts you guys sitting? Probably end up in the Huntsmen pub with my friend in the evening so if anyone wants to come join us for some post-game beers feel free.


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Sep 18, 2012
From asking around I feel that as of this season the international premium member card grants people the same status as the premium members.

So you can buy off listicket when they go on sale for premium members and not have to call the almost unreachable phone number they give saving a lot of time and stress. I found you just have to use the web ticketing code given in your welcome pack and the tessera number on your card.

Hope this information helps as on here a few times it's stated that the only way international premium members can buy tickets when not on general sale yet is through the phone line.
Mar 19, 2013
hi everyone.
im planning to go juventus cagliari on the 12th may, should be the scudetto celebration game.

anyway im not a juventus member and for sure it will not go to general sale. im prepared to pay over the odds via viagogo but it does mention the tessera del tifoso is needed. is this true? would i not be allowed entry without buying one? or is this is not a problem at all? the tickets are for the curva sud just in case you was wondering.

thanks for your help

i plan to book the trip tomorrow so all help is welcome!


Nov 26, 2006
Are you Italian?

Non-Italians have never needed the Tessera, as far as I know.

Some form of ID to match up to the name on your ticket is all that's required.
Mar 19, 2013
i have both english and italian passports. so i will just use the english one. thanks for the help, now i can book in comfort!
now i must just hope they dont switch the dates haha (last year i went all the way to cagliari to watch the game only for it to be moved to trieste)

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