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Feb 21, 2015
Feb 12, 2006
because the society bullshit wasn't trying hard enough before hand oh the irony :howler: Don't blame me if you can't control your own hate, i still sleep easy at night.

I don't need to be in one of this forum's clique to feel better about my life thanks, if anything that's what brought this forum down in recent years because they feel the need to attack people like myself or Marc who aren't 'socially accepted' on a internet forum because they have a difference in views or opinion.


Jul 28, 2011
and yet I've not interacted with anyone of those names you mentioned for some years now, or stepped in to defend their argument, frankly because half the time they post in the religious and politics section which I have no interest in, at least on this forum.
Actually you will find Marc in the football manager thread posting screenshots of his legit career


Jun 7, 2004
Actually they killed me, i was banned from the live match, the place where half of my posts are made, no way to find out if its permanent or not, if its a random mod power abuse, or an elaborated decision, but it has been a fan 15 Juve brothers, i wish you and Juve well!
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