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Sep 14, 2003
I wore the Juventus shirt with pride from 1992 to 1996.

I decided to write to you with the view of letting you know my position with reference to some of the opinions expressed about me and some of my team mates in relation to the trial recently closed by a first degree sentence.

Vialli is saying that to accuse him and his former colleagues of telling lies under of telling lies under oath is unacceptable. Over a period of 8-10 years is difficult to remember a specific pharmaceutical for an injury. Luca says athletes remember the highs and lows of the profession. we can recall atypical facts, the unusual, the exeptional.

We are demanded to recall facts that cover hundreds of games about an anti inflamatory agent and/or a supplement, not quite the same admiistered for any given pathology.

It is not my place to comment on the judicial outcome of the trial but I respect Agricola integrity and professionalism.

I refute having ever, knowingly, taken any illegal substances.

I have not only been an athlete and footballer. I am a son, father, husband and partner. I have responsibilities to my family.

To think that some of us may have been prepared to risk our health on the long term by administering dangerous sustances is wrong.

To then assume that we tried to cover up for those who encouraged us to do so, with silence, is absurd.

I am in favour of a hard stance in the fight agaisnt doping in sport.

I, who lived those years in a leading role, am well aware that our victories are the result of sweat, sacrifices, ability, determination, an incredible "hunger" and a great team spirit not withstanding a fair dose of good fortune that, almost inevitably, 'befriends' the winning teams.

The shadows cast on the successes achived in the Juventus shirt are heavy and difficult to bear. What helps me to overcome the sadness is the total and complete knowledge of never having cheated anybody.

For the love of Truth.

I take no credit, 'Dylan' who posts at channel4 forums translated it. I knicked from xtratime ;)

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Nov 16, 2003
++ [ originally posted by Eaglesnake_1 ] ++
For those who want to check a little in-depth how the Juve trial has been scientifically biased and misconducted , there is a very interesting link:
how about finding an unbias say a COURTROOM.

I see how it works..when the league yells conspiracy based on PRO-JUVE calls you laugh

When its on JUVE its ok to yell "conspiracy"



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Mar 28, 2004

Had you read the articles in the link??? do so and then discuss....

You call an unbiased source an italian courtroom ????:eek::eek:.c`mon, youre neither stupid or naif.....(despite being a diavolo)

And talking about PRO-JUVE calls, there has been some PRO-MILAN calls and nobody has make much ado about that.Why so? Because, yes, big teams often get favoured by referees, at least in Italy and Spain. Does this means they intentionally bribe or buy the arbiters ?? i frankly dont think so. Its more a matter of psychological presure the referees have.....

Conspiracy....put three italians in a given place and THERE IS CONSPIRACY...

Dont cry and dont complain. After all youre a milanista, not an interista...

Incubo, dont become a eunucubo.....:cool:


Jul 15, 2002
++ [ originally posted by IncuboRossonero ] ++
how about finding an unbias say a COURTROOM.

I see how it works..when the league yells conspiracy based on PRO-JUVE calls you laugh

When its on JUVE its ok to yell "conspiracy"

Juve win doping appeal
Wednesday 27 April, 2005
The international Tribunal of Sport has ruled that Juventus cannot have their trophies taken away after the doping trial.

The CONI (Italian Olympic Committee) asked for advice from the Lausanne tribunal and was told this evening that the Bianconeri are not culpable on a sporting level.

“The use of pharmaceutical substances that are not expressly banned by sporting law and that are not similar to illegal substances cannot be punished by disciplinary action,” read the verdict.

This means that Juventus did not contravene the anti-doping laws and therefore cannot have their trophies taken away, nor be docked points in the current campaign.

There were fears that once the Turin trial found chief of medical staff Riccardo Agricola guilty of administering excessive pharmaceutical substances, the titles won between 1994 and ’98 would be confiscated.

The TAS verdict is not legally binding, but it is highly unlikely that the Italian authorities will now seek to take such drastic steps.

Meanwhile, the doping issue is set to be raised again on Thursday evening, as a RAI Due programme plans to show six-year-old footage of a Parma defender receiving treatment via an injection.

The player – currently unnamed, but reportedly an international – is heard discussing the substance Neoton with members of the club staff ahead of a European Final. It is a medicine usually given to patients suffering from cardiac problems.

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