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Dec 31, 2000
You may have noticed that aca and I have had a bit of a feud since he started pushing that silly joke of his about the crying dog ;) To settle it once and for all, I asked the original joke maker Boyo to do some digging in his archives and retrieve what is actually the best Juve joke. Enjoy! ;)

EDIT: the joke was actually composed by theLegend, who is said to be deceased.. :frown:

Juve 7 Bologna 1

Juve continues towards the scudetto today after a stunning win at Delle Alpi.The match was supposed to be played at Renato Dall'Ara ( Bolognas Stadium )but it had been switched to Delle Alpi due to a request from referee De Santis who said it was the only venue where he could ensure fair play and get away with it.

Juve went ahead just before the kick-off when Zidanes through-ball sent the linesman away down the right flank. His cross was handled on the half-way line by a Bologna defender, and Del Piero stepped up to slot the ball home for his 65th penalty of the season, after hitting both posts and the bar. It was no more than Juve deserved.

The 15th minute saw Juve go two up after Wome was penalised for coughing just outside the area. Zidane's free kick was handled by Giovanni Bia , struck first time by Inzaghi, hit the back of a defender's boot, bounced up, struck the rim of a spectator's spectacles and floated, assisted by a freak wind, into the top corner of the Bologna net. It was no more than Juve deserved.

The 21st minute saw more trouble for Bologna, when Olive was sent off for inquiring about referee De Santis' black and white shirt. Two minutes before the interval Bologna struck back after an amazing piece of good fortune, Giuseppe Signori hitting home the rebound after a shot had been stopped on the line by the referee. Juve could scarcely believe their bad luck. Carlo Ancelotti threw down his programme and wouldn't talk to anyone for ten minutes. The restart saw unsportsmanlike Signori making ridiculous claims for a penalty after Ciro Ferrara had accidentally beaten up Tomas Locatelli. The referee had missed the incident due to his black and white scarf flowing in his eyes. Ten minutes later Ancelotti took off David Trezeguet and replaced him with three other players.

Juves third came after Cipriani had been caught offside in his own penalty area. Zidane took the free kick, which bobbled home after hitting the underside of the floodlights. The referee claimed the final touch. It was no more than Juve deserved.

Juves goal number four came after ninety-eight minutes after Giovanni Bia had conceded a penalty for blatantly glancing at the referee. It was no more than Juve deserved.

So 4-1 at full time, but referee De Santis sportingly agreed to call it 7-1 after Moggi threatened to cry and stamp his feet if he didn't. It was no more than Juve deserved...


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Nov 18, 2003

It was no more than Juve deserved :LOL::LOL: .. how many times did he say that.

"The referee had missed the incident due to his black and white scarf flowing in his eyes" :LOL::D


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Dec 31, 2000
++ [ originally posted by K10 ] ++
lol that's funny

and based on a true story

Martin you visited laziomania forums?
A bunch of times back in the days I did yeah. Shame the community got broken up.


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Jul 15, 2002

Yeah, that's an excellent one.

Legend :frown: was really a legend.

I believe he had a thread where he would post a joke and challenge any roma supporter to post a joke about Lazio. It was a duel where i laughed my ass off....

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