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Nov 21, 2005
I bet he hopes that Juve won't change logo again :lol:

the last one looks pretty badass!! although i'm against football club tat's but the last one is impressive. the ones on the calf are gay in my book to be honest. i would love to get a tat some day sadly its prohibidadoooooo in my religon :( although i have two friends who got ones on there arms.


Forza Vesuvio
Sep 13, 2011
Del Piero said:
“I’ve got you under my skin…”, like Frank Sinatra was singing (legendary version of Bono from U2!).

But above all on the skin. I've been receiving the pictures of your tatooes on my Facebook page for quite some time by now and all of them are of my signature, my face or "funny face" logo...

Well, there's really a lot of them and your fantasy surprises me!

So, I've decided to put togeteher some of the pictures you sent to me in this gallery.

They are worth being seen...

Thanks to all of you, Ale


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