[Suppercoppa] Juventus 2-0 Napoli [January 20th, 2021] (2 Viewers)


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Nov 24, 2005
The trend suggests we lose this one to De Laurentiis' Napoli. We lost to Commisso's Fiorentina and Inter. This is the season where our biggest haters get their wins over us.


Jul 27, 2015
Now this actually is a mickey mouse trophy.

Just no Injuries pls.
It's a mickey mouse trophy for the teams that are actually projected to win major titles, do you think we are in that position atm? Or better yet, you'd be okay with us "having no injuries" but losing consecutively two decisive games against Inda and then Nipples(subsequently also with a trophy on the table)? Mindblowing expectations. :baus:

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Hopefully this game will help us a bit into forgetting about last night, there's going to be a trophy on the table so it's probably going to tell us a lot of how far we can really go this season as we will also be facing an seemingly in-form Napoli side that actually happens to have just as many inconsistent moments as us, should be a fair enough test IMO.

We need to react strong by winning this one if we are to seriously build any confidence for the remainder of the season, no excuses from here on.


Dec 17, 2007
Do we even have a left back for this game?

Can we play 3 in the midfield? Maybe if three play they can amount to two decent mids between them.

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