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Aug 30, 2002
I mean Agnelli, treating Marotta the way he did and paving the way for Inter. He is doing work there.
Meh, it wasnt working out, let him do his work elsewhere, he is a competent GM. Let Inter sign good players, why obbsess about it. It wont help them that much when theres still a clear gap between them and us. Aslong as we signing likes of De Ligts post Marotta, not too fussed about seeing them sign Kambulla. There new young CBs coming out every other season in the league. Thats the bare miminum a competent GM should do, pick up young breakout talent in your domestic league.
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Jan 26, 2009
Partey is awesome though. I'd take him im a heartbeat.
:agree: Considering the alternatives, you partey and enjoy it :klin: :wittl:

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Where the fuck is @Wittl

I miss that guy :sad: :heart:

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We should go ahead and bring in Montolivio as well while we're at it to round out the rest of the midfield
I still have nightmares about bringing that shitcunt. Both he and Bonaventura :yuck: :inter:

Unnecessary Superfluous Jabronis or USJs. I can't believe Motnolivo and Aquilani actually played for Italy.

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