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Feb 9, 2013
Those who defends excluding Dybala from the team ....just can't see how he is ineffective to us for long time ....He lost his position to Ronaldo first & can't align with him ...then he lost his new role to Berna which better keep him starting from the bench earning 7.5 m a year !!! while Kean of 0.5 m can do that ...

oooooor him with another important player SUIT OUR FORMATION AFTER RONALDO CAME HERE !! .....
like it or not ...Dybala isn't perfect ingredient while we have Ronaldo ....and while our center striker position is in dare need for a replacement Mandzu already give signs of fatigue and age at 33 !! ...

I have respect to all members opinions & it's ok if we disagree while you respect our/my opinion.....but this excluding some tiny disgusting brains that need my kebab to blow it up to the right state of mind think he is a smart ass ...but he is the father of all retards ..
You speak gobbledygook really well. :baus:


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Jan 26, 2009
Pathetic. I already reported a couple of his posts for constantly insulting me.

Dybala must have impregnated a couple of women in his village or something. I don't get the hate.

Also, English not being his first language is not an excuse for not deploying logic and lacking common sense, but I guess that's what happens when you blindly follow without questioning :boh: :baus: :tup:

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A 26 year old Dybala is definitely our biggest problem. Ronaldo is 34, Mandzu soon to be 33, Costa is either injured or fucking around, Cuads is always an injury concern and 30+ but the guy wants to get rid of Dybala, so we're left with a teenage Kean and Berna (who himself can be inconsistent) for the attacking positions :crazy:

Like I said, we can sell Dybala if we're getting an upgrade, but shipping him off for Zaniolo and Chiesa, or even that douchefag Icardi. That is truly the definition of mental illness :howler:

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Also, fuck all those who advocate a Dybala sale so they can bring in that inconsistent pussy James and Zidane's love crush Isco.
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Jul 12, 2011
The Dybala bashing on this forum lately is so fucking bizarre. Advocating his sale and replacement with some random scrub is ridiculous.
I'm dybalol's #1 critic and I'm telling you it's absolutely retarded to sell him unless we can guarantee a top midfielder or a top forward like Mfappe

Also I'm drunk as fuck shitting in this crusty ass bar
Just wanted you and @DAiDEViL and RUSSda gawd I love u guys
And many more

I need to wipe my ass n go now


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Oct 20, 2004
rope yourself, cuck
I will staff big fat kebab in ur mouth before i do that ...

Cuck ah? Am cuck and you cuckold :lol:

Just to calm down with you guys, first am here to enjoy supporting the club i love with you... i post my thoughts here just for fun, if you agree its ok , if not its ok ... the issue with some smart asses, if we disagree they start insulting ... snapping .. and kind of tricky words.... those just be ready to get staffed on my shawerma skewer grilled on fire

Respect & accept each other ...

Back Dybala... replace Mandzu and sell Dybala , Berna took his place ...
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